Causes of night pain in calves of legs

When regular spasms of the calf muscles need to be examined by a specialist. The causes of night cramps can be different.
To determine the cause of seizures, you need to analyze your lifestyle to the degree of presence of predisposing factors in everyday life.

Prolonged stress, irregular meals. And the first and second leads to a decrease in blood sugar. Muscles eat glucose. Its deficiency can cause reduction of electrolytes, and as a result there are cramps.

Excessive physical stress. The reason that drives caviar can be reinforced sports. This is especially true for those cases when the muscles were not ready for it. A similar problem may face as newcomers with a weak preparation, and professional athletes. It is therefore important to increase the load on the legs gradually.

Sitting or standing work. Both can cause night cramps. In the case of sedentary work, immobility contributes to slowing the blood circulation and flow of nutrients in the extracellular space of muscles. In the case of standing work, on the contrary, the muscles of the legs are in a state of static tension.

Violation of metabolism. As a result, muscle mass may experience a lack of oxygen and nutrition, which explains what's driving the calves of the legs.

Abuse of caffeine. When consuming in a day more than 5 cups of strong tea or coffee, you may be advised calf muscles.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes. Day the leg muscles get really tired and at night can't relax.

Abrupt abstinence from alcohol. In the case of alcohol dependence, a sharp rejection of these drinks can be accompanied by convulsions.

Atherosclerosis of the legs. With such a diagnosis mixing calf muscle may occur not only at night but during the day while walking.

Old age. Slow metabolism, lack of glucose, incipient Parkinson's disease can cause seizures.

What to do when cramps in calf muscle

To prevent the recurrence of cramps, calf muscles, you need to eliminate provoking factors.
It is recommended to put in order the nervous system, eliminating the annoying aspects of daily life. You can drink a course of Valerian, a sedative fees.
Good soothing mint tea.

It is compulsory to adjust your diet. Meal should be approximately at the same time.
Not to do without control of the physical load. You should try to perform only a feasible exercise. Welcome daily kneading of the muscles of the lower extremities.

Spasms of the positive effect of giving the massage. Doing it should not only at critical moments, but also during the day. After the massage is useful for a cold compress on the skin.

If the cause of leg cramps is a serious disease, need to treat it. The medication must be administered under the supervision of a physician. After recovery, the cramps will disappear.