You will need
  • woolen scarf;
  • - warmer:
  • warming the ointment.
If you experience spasms in the calves of the legs need to relax, to calm down. Try to breathe deeply, evenly. This will help to saturate the tissues with oxygen, which will help relieve spasms.
If the spasms began while sleeping, try to get up. It is necessary to ensure normal blood circulation in the legs. Stand up straight, straighten the back, expand the shoulders.
Firmly grasp the foot with your hands and pull the toes themselves. This exercise may hurt, but in a few minutes you will feel the muscles relaxed. After this massage, applying friction, stroking, tapping.
If the spasm remains, pinch the muscle with the force. Most likely, it will help, and the muscle will cease to turn to stone. RUB the leg again, then strongly clap on it.
Take any VapoRub and spread her legs. You can use sports ointments, they are specially designed to relax the muscles. Then wrap foot in a warm scarf and put it on the pillow so that it was higher than the head. Can be applied to the muscle warmer.
If muscle spasm found you in the water, don't panic. Do not make sudden movements – it will only exacerbate seizures. Take a deep breath, pull your knee toward your chest, grasp the foot and sharply pull it upwards. Try to stretch your muscle. Try to stay on the surface, not to wallow.
If the cramps recur frequently, pay attention to your shoes. It should not be tight, uncomfortable, have too high a heel.
Exercise, including exercises for the legs. Most try to get out of the place if your job is sedentary. Very useful sit-UPS and walking on eggshells.
Drink less coffee, as it can rid the body of calcium. The lack of this element can lead to spasms and cramping in the muscles. Eat right. Do not get involved in a strict diet.
Every evening take a contrast shower. Start with cold water and with it finish. Don't do the ice shower, that you can harm.
If the cramps persist, visit your doctor and tell about their problems. If the problem can be solved with medication or with any medical procedures, the doctor will prescribe you the necessary treatment.