How can I remove the pain with cramps

The phenomenon of cramp may be a symptom of any disease and a consequence of the lack of certain vitamins, minerals in the body. Quickly reduce the discomfort from cramps of the toes is possible, if you stand on a cool surface or attach to your fingers some cold object. At home you can dip your feet in a bowl of cool water. After 1-2 minutes you should lie down, slightly lift the legs. Due to the cold and the outflow of blood from the toes the pain should significantly decrease.

To decrease cramps you can, if vigorously massage the toes, pull them on. Sometimes tweaks or superficial injections with a sharp object such as a needle (of course, sanitized). It is necessary to increase in your diet share products such as cheese, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, honey.
To reduce the cramping you must daily consume 2-3 teaspoons mixture of finely chopped walnuts, liquid honey.

Often cramps in toes caused by wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes. This is especially true for women who love high heels. And if this fashionista is forced to stand for long periods on their feet, the likelihood of seizures will increase many times. Therefore it is necessary to abandon such shoes (even very fine) in favor of a more comfortable, reduce the load on the legs.

Finally, the reason for cramps in your toes can be overweight. Then you need to take all measures to get rid of extra pounds. In any case, it is will benefit health.

What kinds of diseases can cause cramps in the toes

Convulsions, accompanied by numbness and pain in the toes, are symptoms of diseases such as flat feet, arthritis feet, arthritis of the finger joints. In addition, these cramps can be caused by varicose veins of the lower extremities, disturbance of blood supply to the toes, various infectious diseases.
In the most severe cases of cramps in the toes are one of the symptoms of poisoning of the organism.

The correct diagnosis and choose the most effective treatment can only a doctor. It is therefore necessary to seek medical help and not to self-medicate. Remember that to get rid of cramps can be following the doctor's orders. Hope for traditional medicine.