The occurrence of the phenomenon

Cramp is a frequent small contraction of the muscles of the legs. Depending on the intensity of muscle contraction can change the intensity of the occurring pain.

Causes cramps there is a great variety. Among the most serious problems can be noted atherosclerosis, diabetes, varicose veins. Often seizures occur in patients with cirrhosis of the liver, diseases of the thyroid gland.

Convulsions may disturb and healthy people with excessive muscular load, fatigue, overweight, nervous feelings, frequent stress, and also due to little physical activity. If cramps occur quite frequently, it is necessary to visit a doctor so he can diagnose and prescribe treatment that will help to get rid of the symptom.

Getting rid of cramps

One of the main methods of getting rid of seizures is the administration of drugs magnesium, calcium and vitamin D. These nutrients can be purchased in pharmacies and are also in most modern vitamin complexes. Supplementation of magnesium is necessary for the normalization of education and energy expenditure in cells. To compensate the lack of substance is completely impossible from food, and therefore an important medication, in which it is contained.

If magnesium is responsible for the appearance of convulsions, the lack of calcium produces a gain. Therefore, the application of calcium is also an effective remedy against cramp. Vitamin D promotes absorption of calcium and magnesium, making treatment more effective. Also in medical practice, there are cases where patients have recovered from cramps just by taking vitamin D. it is thought that seizures arise as a consequence of the excess of nicotine and caffeine in the blood.

At the time of occurrence of seizures should prick the pulling section is sharp to the body sent the signal to stop muscle spasm. In the absence of the needles, you can try hard to pinch the affected area, the first toe should try to pull over. Also some doctors advise to get the whole foot on something cold, for example, on the cold floor. After the weakening sensations of spasm, you should RUB the affected area with ointment which has warming effect. Can also help massage or rubbing of the affected area. If within a few nights the spasm persists, you must consult a doctor for examination and appointment of necessary treatment.