Causes convulsive contractions

Cramps can be a symptom of a variety of human diseases. For example, they occur with thyroid disease, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, often observed in pregnant women or as a result of heavy muscular strain. In any case, with frequent manifestation of convulsive contraction of foot muscles you need to seek help from a qualified doctor, because the cause of pain in the feet is not always rooted in the feet.

There are several possible causes of night cramps. If suddenly in the night you feel that you are beginning to ache right or left leg, be aware that it may result from symptoms of chronic fatigue legs.
They occur in cases of regular long period of standing or playing sports without rest.

Also, this problem can be caused by the following factors:
- prolonged pain in the legs (usually, they last for years);
- inadequate intake of some micronutrients;
- swelling of legs;
- atherosclerosis or venous insufficiency;
- flat feet;
- diseases of the lower back;
- reception of preparations of the diuretic action.

The mechanism of spastic muscle contractions

Alone all the muscle cells (myositis) are relaxed and have a positive charge. Your charge they get as a result of action of chemical elements that ensure the full functioning of the organism as a whole and each cell individually. Inside myositis is potassium, and the outside of the cell membrane sodium. The result of the sodium-potassium pump maintains proper ratio of these elements from the cell are excreted excess sodium, and potassium absorbed.

Muscle cell shrinking under the action of electric charges. As a result of exposure of the nerve pulses is the extension of membrane channels inside includes calcium ions that cause cell contraction. If the body is a very high level of calcium, there is a spastic contraction of the cells.
Dormant myositis come for two reasons. First, when starting to receive the calcium. Secondly, the exhaustion of reserves of potassium and sodium.

Night, during sleep, there is a slowdown of blood circulation. Deteriorating blood supply of the muscles, with a lack of necessary trace elements is strongly felt and manifested in the form of twitch.