Leg cramps during pregnancy, their causes

The process of pain can be explained in two words: during pregnancy, my legs in a strong and sudden contraction of the muscles. Unfortunately, most commonly seizures, and pregnant women are in, when you least expect it, the pain manifests itself in the most rigid form than during wakefulness. Every woman during pregnancy are completely different causes of leg cramps. No doubt, a pregnant woman is two of the body, and the vitamins that fall in her body, automatically divided into two. Cramps in pregnant women appear due to the lack of calcium, magnesium and potassium in the body. With a lack of necessary minerals, begins the imbalance of metabolism, in this regard, the disturbed relationship of the nerves and muscles, and in the end, night cramps. Also, some pregnant women suffer from varicose veins, which also affects the appearance of seizures. As women are gaining weight and growing pressure of the uterus on the blood vessels in the legs and the pelvis. This occurs due to the violation of the outflow of blood in the veins, and cramps.
Bring your feet during pregnancy and thyroid disease, advanced flat feet, uncomfortable or too narrow shoes.

What to do when the seizure is pregnant?

As one of the first causes of cramps is a lack of vitamins and minerals, you need to reconsider your diet, add foods such as cheese, onion, sesame seeds and dairy products. Also, try to pay attention to bananas, apricots, potatoes and beans in them is potassium which is also essential to your body, especially during pregnancy. Magnesium you can find in foods such as buckwheat, carrots and nuts.
In some cases, your doctor may prescribe a vitamin complex, but not to harm the fetus, be sure to take vitamins only in adequate quantities.

Products such as tea and coffee have to eliminate from your diet or reduce their consumption, since two of these drinks activate the muscles and keep them in constant tension.

If you start varicose veins, you need to wear special stockings or tights. There are also safe for the unborn baby creams and lotions from varicose veins.

When fatigue in the legs, do massage or baths with sea salt, leg exercises and sleep with a pillow under your feet.

If you are constantly plagued by leg cramps, you should consult that with your doctor, as the cause may be not only fatigue and lack of minerals or vitamins, but also some other diseases that may affect pregnancy.