Why is irritation of the labia?

Very often the cause of irritation of the labia becomes vulvitis or vulvovaginitis – inflammation affecting the lips themselves and the vaginal mucosa. The occurrence of diseases due to injury of the mucous membrane and subsequent infection, caused by wearing dirty clothes, touching with unwashed hands or accumulated secretions.

Irritation of the labia can be due to thrush – a fungal infection caused by Candida fungi activity. The impetus for the development of the disease could be the use of antibiotics and the use of funds of local actions that violate the natural microflora of the vagina.
If the cause of irritation of the labia was candidiasis (thrush), the woman will be assigned to the antifungal drugs. When dysbacteriosis of the vagina the goal of treatment is restoration of normal microflora.

Bartholinitis – inflammation of bartolino glands located ahead of the vagina, is also accompanied by irritation of the labia. Function healthy bartolino glands is the secretion of the lesion excretory duct is sealed, and the labia swell and become inflamed.

Gardnerellosis – another disease of female genital sphere, a symptom of which is an irritation of the labia. Provoked by pathogenic Gardnerella, pathology is accompanied by gray-green mucous discharge with a characteristic smell of rotten fish. It is these secretions and become the source of irritation.

What you can do to relieve irritation of the labia at home?

To eliminate itching of the genitals can be a douche. For this purpose, the leaves of black currant and birch, and grass celandine, taken 10 g, combine with string and viola tricolor (20 g). Two tablespoons of the resulting collection pour a glass of boiling water and insist to cool. Before the procedure, the infusion is slightly warm. Douching do morning and evening.

Elimination of unpleasant sensations begins with observance of rules of personal hygiene. Toilet soap shall not be, and in the water add a few drops furatsilina. Useful will be made from a decoction of chamomile.

To determine the causes of irritation and the end of the prescribed treatment should exclude sex. If you ignore this recommendation, the irritation will increase even more, and the itching will become nearly intolerable.
Some patients irritation of the labia and the changing nature of the secretions were the consequence of a promiscuous sex life, which was conducted without contraception.

In the future, with the aim of preventing injuries of the vaginal mucosa it is necessary to use special moisturizing products – gels, greases, etc. you can Buy them at the pharmacy.

You should never self-medicate. When any changes in the intimate area should immediately contact a doctor. In addition to treatment, he may recommend the observance of a certain diet that excludes alcohol, spicy, spicy and fatty meals and other products.