You will need
  • Directions for laboratory research.
Often the recurrence of thrush occur during menstruation, after sexual intercourse. Unpleasant symptoms: itching, burning make sexual life impossible. With deep lesions of the fungi Candida on the vaginal walls, in large and small labia, on the perineum there are areas of white spongy coating, which often joins a secondary infection, the formation of erosions and inflammation, which bring women a lot of agony.
To win recurrent thrush, you need to identify the cause of disorders in the immune system. It can be hormonal imbalance, hidden infections in the urogenital area, the herpes virus, the human papilloma virus. Often chronic yeast infection accompanied by diabetes mellitus, dysfunction of the thyroid gland, the ovaries, the disturbed metabolism in the body that is manifested by obesity.
Often the recurrence of yeast infection cause of birth control hormones, uncontrolled reception of antibiotics and eubiotikov (drugs for treatment of disorders of the vaginal flora), which confirms the thesis about inadmissibility of self-medication. Sometimes the aggravation of yeast infection occurs when you use poor-quality gynecological pads, in the presence of additional risk factors. To avoid this, you need to choose a pad made of natural hypoallergenic material that is usually indicated on the package.
To confirm the diagnosis should be laboratory tests, and the need to explore the sexual partner, as to the effectiveness of treatment and prevent re-infection, sexual infections and candidiasis it will also need to undergo treatment. Do not expect a rapid effect is almost always the treatment of chronic candidiasis is long-lasting because it is based on systemic diseases of the body.
After you identify the cause, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment. The detection of sexual infection treatment should begin with administration to resolve it. To relieve local symptoms of the disease are appointed douching and baths with herbs, baking soda, assigned vaginal suppositories, ointments and pills for thrush. Effective against fungi Candida fluconazole, "Diflucan", "Flucostat" and other antifungal drugs.
In parallel with treatment of the underlying disease and thrush, you must boost natural immunity. The great value has a full balanced diet, exclusion from the diet of sweet, active weight loss. To boost the immune system given oral multivitamin preparations and minerals, wholesome sun and air baths, sports.