Properties of fungi

Best of all the fungi developing in a weakly alkaline medium. Pathogens can easily tolerate low temperatures and thrive in a humid environment. However, the high temperatures are damaging to the fungi, and the impact of wet steam with a temperature of more 75оС for 15 minutes causes their death.

Because of this, fungi high temperature is often used as a method of disinfection and prevention. Thus, for the prevention of fungal infections and their recurrences doctors recommend to iron the clothes and linen that are in contact with the human skin, with a hot iron. Important factors that influence the development of the disease are the immune system and way of life of the patient.


To prevent mycosis is important that people have timely cured the underlying disease, and also protect the skin, avoiding injury, every 1-2 day to change underwear. You must avoid wearing tight and uncomfortable clothes. After visiting the gym and training heavy physical labor that causes excessive sweating, you must take a shower.

It is also important to timely treatment of family members and other loved ones. It is necessary to exclude the use of personal items of patients with mycosis. Also if your sexual partner has symptoms of infection, which include severe itching and burning, redness of the skin in the groin area and the presence of lesions, must your soulmate, and you urgently to address to the doctor.


Treatment of mycosis is selected in accordance with the type and localization of the fungus. All diseases of the genital organs should be treated under the supervision of a dermatologist, who will be able to choose the most effective therapy. The effectiveness of prescription drugs depends on the time of infection and degree of development of the disease.

In the treatment assigned to antifungal drugs, which include substances such as clotrimazole, amphotericin B, flucytosine, ciclopirox, bifonazole, fluconazole, levorin, etc., Drugs are assigned only in accordance with the conducted analysis and diagnosis. Additionally appointed means to enhance immunity.

The second stage in the treatment of fungi is the appointment of local medicines, ointments and creams ("lamisil", "Nizoral", "Terminox" etc.). After that antiseptics are processed personal belongings of the patient, to exclude re-infection. It is recommended to wash and then iron linen and clothes which is worn by the patient.