Advice 1: How to handle the sexual organs of the newborn girl

From the earliest days of the sexual bodies of girls in need of thorough hygiene. Improper cleaning often leads to inflammation, diaper rash and dermatitis. Knowing the basic rules for the care of external sexual organs your crumbs, you can avoid possible complications and to preserve her health.
How to handle the sexual organs of the newborn girl
You will need
  • - sterile cotton wool;
  • - talc;
  • - absorbent cloth or soft cloth;
  • - sterile oil (vegetable, almond, sunflower or peach);
  • - hypoallergenic cosmetic;
  • wet baby wipes;
  • - boiled water.
Protect the skin of the external genitalia girls not only from contamination and infection, but also against mechanical and other irritations. After each urination dry them with a soft diaper or absorbent cloth, and after bowel movements be sure to wash the area of external genitals boiled room temperature water and gently dry.
Wash the skin only in the direction from front to back, while the remnants of excreta will not contaminate the area of the vulva. Not tempted a newborn in the basin or bath, as the genitals of dirty water can be full of germs.
After bathing and cleaning dry with a soft cloth or a sterile cotton swab at the beginning of the region of the genital slit, the labia, inguinal folds, the skin and only at the very end of the crotch.
If you notice even minor signs of irritation, powder the skin with a thin layer of talc, mixed with zinc powder in the ratio 50:50, or brush with a thin layer of sterile vegetable (almond, sunflower, peach) oil. You can also relieve the irritation, causing the area of redness hypoallergenic cosmetic for babies.
Each time you inspect the swaddling folds of the skin, a special attention paying to the area of the external genitalia. If you find agglutination of the labia is covered with a secret, open them carefully with a cotton swab dipped in warm boiled water. Then gently remove the secretions and dry the skin.
The daily cleaning of the external genitalia of a newborn girl do not use regular soap, only children's Ph neutral.
In the first year of a child's life use as little as possible with potassium permanganate, cosmetic and other means, as they are not only very dry skin, but also destroy the already formed protective function of the skin.
The appearance of redness in the genital area, be sure to show the child the doctor. Every time before you wash away the child, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
Useful advice
If you do not have access to water, you can use baby wipes.

Advice 2 : How to bathe a newborn girl

Young parents should know how to carry out correct care for a newborn baby. Frequently asked questions include questions about bathing babies, especially girls.
How to bathe a newborn girl
Bathe a newborn girl before feeding, but in no case after, because after feeding the baby falls asleep. Very convenient is the time before dinner. The child felt no hunger, until he is bathed, give him before bathing juice.
For daily bathing, choose the warm place, without drafts (e.g., kitchen). Off rings, watches, bracelets to avoid scratching the delicate body of the newborn. Prepare a towel, soap (non-alkaline), a rag, and if necessary a powder or oil, cotton, diapers. The tray put on the table. Check the water temperature, it should be about body temperature (32-38 degrees). Pour water in the tray quite a bit. To the bottom didn't seem slippery, lay the diaper. Conquer your fear, and the child will not seem quite helpless. If possible, ask for help of their relatives (mother or husband). After a while you will feel much more confident.
Well keep the girl. Wash start with the face and head, use with cotton wool. With soap wash your head twice a week. Then lather the body with the hand, pay special attention to skin folds. Take your time and don't rush it, enjoy. Mandatory hygienic procedure in girls of is washing away. Wash only auricles, but not acoustical passage. Eyes washed by tears which are formed constantly. Healthy eyes do not need washing. Nose clean rolled-up flagellum with a damp cotton swab.
Wipe the girl, slowly, with a soft towel. Try not to RUB and get wet. Carefully wipe a navel sterile cotton wool. After bathing, use a powder (talcum powder), if the baby's skin is sensitive and easily irritated. Dry skin toddler can be eliminated with a special oil.
How to bathe a newborn. Bathing a newborn recommended in the evening before going to sleep at a water temperature of 37°. Until six months of age of the bath should be daily, then next day, after a year or even less. Before to dip the child, it should hold for a few minutes, depending on age, to take air baths.
Useful advice
And yet – in the small VAT, in our opinion, in the first months easier to do "aquatic exercises", especially if the tub with a slide. And to keep it clean much easier. The temperature of the bathing of the newborn. The second is the water itself. Many suggest bathing the newborn only in boiled or bottled water. It all depends on the purity of the water supply in your city.
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