When asked the doctor "how to treat the Gardnerella?" he starts to prescribe antibiotics. And rightly so, because the timely prevention of the reproduction of these bacteria can protect you from many troubles such as postpartum endometritis, miscarriage, etc. However, some antibiotics to cure Gardnerella can not do. You need to simultaneously take a variety of vitamins, Immunostimulants, and drugs (such as Lactobacterin and Bifidumbacterin), which contribute to the restoration of normal vaginal flora and significantly reduce the level of gardnerellas to normal.

The main so-called core treatment Gardnerella is the restoration of local immunity, as a violation of the vaginal flora usually stems from the fact that the immunity of the vaginal mucosa.

To treat the Gardnerella necessarily yield go through the following stages:

  1. Elimination of pathogenic microorganisms. At this stage of treatment are determined antimicrobial agents, it is recommended that local treatment (all depends on the doctor).

  2. The next stage of treatment for Gardnerella includes not only the establishment of the normal microenvironment of the vagina and reduce the risk of relapse, but recovery of lactic acid bacteria. It is known that this stage is the most difficult, but the key point is the timing and frequency of reception of preparations, containing a large number of lactic acid bacteria.

It is impossible to determine why there is a rapid reproduction gardnerellas, they are diverse: it can contribute to caught by infection, overuse of antibiotics, using condoms with a spermicidal lubricant 9-nonoxynol, menstrual disorders, change of sexual partner etc.

Prevention of this disease is as follows:

  • To refuse contraceptives that contain 9-nonoxynol;

  • The rejection of douching;

  • With a non-regular sexual partners use a condom.

Please note that even if your partner is treated along with you, the recurrence rate in women not reduced by this.

Be mentally to the fact that Gardnerella treatment can take quite a long time. Be patient and act, the only way to defeat the disease.