Talking about white lumps out of your vagina

If lingerie dirty white clumps of vaginal, in appearance resembling cottage cheese, we are talking about thrush, or vaginal candidiasis. This disease most often affects the genitals, and its development causes pathogenic fungus Candida.

In a healthy person can be of various fungi and bacteria, but they aktiviziruyutsya by weakening the immune system.
The presence of secretions in the vagina is a normal phenomenon, but only if they are transparent, have a dense texture, strange color and odor.
The pathogens accumulate in the vaginal mucosa so-called colonies, and, in addition to producing new spores, toxic substances.

These dangerous products of fungi not just irritate the delicate mucosa of the vagina. They are fully able to violate its integrity in the same way as the skin of the external genitalia. Thus, every day the symptoms of yeast infection are expressed brighter.

The main symptoms of thrush

In addition to vaginal discharge in the form of white lumps or flakes women may notice such abnormalities:
• cramps when urinating;
• burning and itching of the labia;
• painful sensations during sexual intercourse.

How to solve the problem of separation of the white lumps or flakes from the vagina?

Yeast infection treatment – short term. Your doctor may prescribe pills for one or two admission or candles suppositories to enter the vagina.

In most cases thrush is quick, with only 5 % of women observed a recurrent or chronic form of the disease. Therapy in this case is difficult, but over time, the disease still retreats.
Sourish smell discharge is not always a symptom of any disease. In some women it is a harbinger of menstruation.

In order not to provoke the development of the disease or repeated episodes, women should follow some rules:
• to observe personal hygiene, especially during menstruation;
• to combine antibiotics with agents that prevent the development of dysbacteriosis;
• wear comfortable underwear made of fabrics, breathable.

To those who like to use a lot of sweets should abandon this habit, otherwise thrush will be, though unwelcome, but regular visitor to them. The frequent recurrence of the disease require a visit to the endocrinologist to exclude diabetes.

With regard to the nature of yeast, it is not infectious or venereal disease. Its development is due only to the violation of the microflora of the vagina. From sexual activity during treatment should be abandoned, but if you follow this recommendation does not work, you need to use a condom.