A hasty decision to talk with his mistress wife

Information about her husband's infidelity in the first place, is causing a storm of negative emotions. Every woman, upon learning of this betrayal, may commit rash acts. One of them is to meet with the other woman, to throw her tantrum and be sent to hell. The heat of the moment you can do anything you want, but if you value the relationship with your husband and you are not ready to break up with him, it is best to calm down and start thinking objectively.

The scenarios

First, you must understand that your every action, especially a wrong, can lead to irreversible consequences. Calling lover, you give her reason to rejoice, as she will feel mentally stronger lawful wife, especially if she has long term plans for your man. She'll understand that you are also aware of what is happening and begin to act more actively, even more fueling you with hatred.
All this negativity will cause domestic scandals and further alienate you from your spouse, who will think that his wife has become unbearable. The result – divorce.

Another scenario: you came to your senses, all weighed up and decided to call or meet with her husband's lover, setting itself on a quiet conversation. What do you think, is it worth doing it? And what does a competitor offer to leave your husband alone? Right, she's probably listening to you will not. If a girl or woman dared to have a relationship with a married man, she was absolutely indifferent to the feelings of others, in particular to your misery. This meeting may lead only to lower your self-esteem.

There are also cases when a mistress knows that her lover is married. It happens, but very rarely. Even in these circumstances, the conversation with the darling husband to anything will not lead. Usually men don't tell their mistresses about the wives, because it is very afraid of losing them.
It is important to understand whether your husband has to you any feelings. After all, if he learns from his beloved woman that you talked to her, the result can be quite disastrous.

And yet, when all the feelings subside and the situation will eventually be resolved in your favor, don't remind my husband at every opportunity about his infidelity. All people make mistakes, the important thing is that your husband eventually made the right choice. If you still failed to get through to a loved one, try to let him go. You know what they say: "love can not be".