Keep calm and don't panic. After learning about the betrayal of the husband, women often feel pain, anger, hatred, a burning desire to take revenge, and then the devastation and bitterness. Leave for a couple of days to a friend or to your parents, weep, talk to someone about your grief, but don't make any important decisions rashly. Do not make the scandals and especially not expel her husband from the house. Wait until you can talk calmly.
Decide whether you want to stay with her husband or not. Remember: to live with a man after infidelity, you need to be able to truly forgive, otherwise resentment and doubts in fidelity of the beloved will torment you for a very long time. If you decide to leave, do so, not paying attention to the threats, blandishments and promises to leave his mistress. If want to keep the family together – fight to the end.
Try to understand what pushed your husband to the search of love of his mistress. If you can't look at the situation from the outside, ask for help to a psychologist. After ascertaining the cause, eliminate it. For example, if you know that her husband just got a little carried away and decided to have a short affair, provide a stable and quiet family life. Hardly the man to decide to change it to a woman who is interesting to him only in bed.
Do not revenge, and certainly not make lover to spite her husband. When you change only one partner, the situation can still be saved, but when mired in lies both, only one way out – divorce. If you want to annoy the mistress and destroy her relationship with your husband, act not brute force, and cunning. For example, start sending her flowers with passionate anonymous letters and make sure they are delivered in those moments when your husband and his mistress together. The man surely would suspect that a mistress is cheating on him, and it will help you to ruin their relationship.
Do not dwell on their grief. Change the interior, visit the beauty salon, get a haircut, hang out with old friends, pamper yourself with a trip to the cinema or expensive purchases, radically change its image. Strive to change and pleasant feelings, and then to cope with cheating husband will become much easier.