Give yourself time. There's no rush to leave his family for a woman you date a couple of months. Even if the passion is off the charts, give yourself a year. It is this period of time, according to psychologists, we need to love ended. If after this time you will still be overflowing feelings, you can think about divorcing wife.
Compare the everyday side of life with both women. After all, life consists not only of sex and romantic dates, so let's look at how is your new lover to home duties. No feelings will not save a relationship if you will day by day be left without dinner.
If married you have children, you have to think in advance about how you will communicate with them if you leave the family. Unobtrusive ask the wife what she would do in this situation. Maybe it will hinder your communication. In this case, you have to worry about finding a good lawyer. Pay attention to how the lover relates to your children. It is unlikely you will be fine with a woman who could love and accept them.
Analyze relationships women to you. Maybe your marriage rests only on habit and the wife for a long time you do not like. Despite the passion, be critical and to the senses mistress. If she is much younger than you think, perhaps it pursues Mercantile goals and just wants you to provide for her.
Try to live for some time separately from his wife and from his mistress. Minimize your communication via telephone and Internet. This will help you focus and understand, without any of them you worse. Think, will you be able to forget the years I spent with my wife, to abandon the established habits and way of life. And also don't forget to decide is it easy to get away from the mistress and stop experiencing the feeling of love. Keep in mind that it is impossible to delay the solution of this problem. If you don't want to leave my wife, but mistress demands it, then try to get away from the pressure and try at least a short time to stay true to his family.