Advice 1: How to say married lover about the pregnancy

If you are in an interesting position, and your lover is married, the situation is more complicated. How to tell the married lover that he'll be a dad? There are some tips that can help.
married to say about her pregnancy
You entered into a loving relationship with a married man? You've got an unenviable position. Especially if you were pregnant by this man. How to give him the news? There are some tips that will help you and your lover to deal with the situation.

The seriousness

Since the topic is serious, then you need to talk seriously. Without feigned joy or grief. Smooth and calm voice in a private setting. And, of course, only in person. No need to write messages on this topic. Remember that your man is not free, and some of his family may accidentally detect a message. Tell your lover that you are caught in a quandary. You – as a couple, not you alone. In the end, he also took part in the conception. Do not accuse a man of anything, as well as yourself. Just stating a fact, and then ask about future prospects. Not only in terms of your relationship, but also in terms of the unborn child.

Set yourself up correctly

Rehearse your speech at home. And adjust themselves to the fact that your news might not be so pleasant for your partner. You have to be ready for it, because, statistically, a very small percentage of married men goes to his mistress because of the pregnancy of the latter. Challenge yourself, not to divert man from the family, and to prepare him for fatherhood. Regardless of whether you are a man or not, it does not absolve him of parental obligations. Inform the dry official tone, without much emotion and hysteria.

Without emotion

Try to keep your emotions under control. If you have the courage to start a relationship with a married man, must have the courage to tell about the pregnancy. It is desirable that the conversation occurred in a place where no one can eavesdrop. First, the extra eyes and ears in this conversation is not needed. Secondly, it is not in your best interest to have someone know that you are Dating a married man and expecting his child.

If a man expressed strongly negative opinions about their future fatherhood, should not put any pressure on him. Leave him alone for a while so he can think things through. Do not impose, do not fall at the eyes. This will give him time to decide. Too much too tighten plans are not worth it. After a week try to contact the lover again. If his verdict stands, find the courage to decide their own situation.

Advice 2: How to find a married man or not

Fate suddenly gave you a sparkling affair, and you felt loved, desired. From happiness you feel dizzy, and your soul dances in the clouds. Everything is fine, that's just a little worm of doubt poisons the shared idyll as to whether free your choice? To identify a married man or not, there are signs.
How to find a married man or not
If a married man with you sincere and honest, he admits that proprietary. And before you begin relationship. But there are good reasons why a married man is encrypted under the blank. First, not every woman would like to tie the affair with a "married guy". Indeed, in this case it will play the role of eternal second for him. Second, with unmarried partners, women can fantasize about a possible marriage, so they are easier to go to them for sexual contact.
There are many nuances, which you may feel that you have limited access in some areas of life this man. You may also feel that the relationship is missing something important. The very feeling of inferiority relationship should you push on the idea that a man can be married.
To identify a married man or not, often at the initial stage of Dating. If a married man usually looks more manicured and "home", the bachelor look more sloppy. He could use a good men's fragrance, but is unlikely to be carefully ironed pants and shirt. Also, it can 2-3 days to forget to shave. Although this rule there are exceptions: for example, men-soldiers, dandies, dandy, etc.
To see whether the stamp of marriage in the passport of the man - not the best option to find out married or not. First, in the initial phase of Dating is hardly appropriate. Secondly, the man may be in a civil marriage. The lack of engagement of the end also nothing says. Many married men do not wear, and some just shoot at the right time. However, in the latter case, the finger can remain a characteristic indentation.
A married man will not invite you home. Most likely, he will propose to meet, or you, or on neutral territory. Single guy happy to host you. Even if he's cleaned up there, you can easily distinguish the atmosphere of a "den" bachelor from the apartment of a married man where women felt concern about comfort.
If a married man still invites you to her home, his behavior is somewhat strange. He will look around, there are no nearby neighbors to be nervous of strange noises outside his apartment. If in its apartment there are women's things, it's a sure sign that he lives not one.
Married man not likely to spend time with you on weekends and holidays, to stay with you all night. When they met he will not give you the home phone number and will not get you a with a call. In addition, it will not ring late in the evening or at night, and his phone at this time can be disabled. Or he will answer you a brief and restrained.
You should be alerted if your man is avoiding you to talk on the phone. You can also under some pretext to see what name you recorded in the mobile phone of her lover. If your man is married, it is possible that your phone number is recorded as "A. Petrov", "accounting", etc.
If a man does not show you people are not invited in cafes, restaurants, parties, avoids introduces you to his friends or parents, it is likely that he does so for the purposes of the conspiracy, afraid of publicity. He also prefers not to be photographed with their mistresses. After all, sharing photos is already in evidence.
Give him sexy underwear and see if he wear it. It can be exotic lingerie from the sex shop, g-string or something like that. Any wife interested in where this thing, so a married man will surely get rid of lingerie or leave him behind you.
But it's best just to ask him if he's married, and to see the reaction. Please note, will it behave as something unnatural, will not change his voice, do not appear in this kind of tension. Talk about marriage - if he was married, what he thinks about marriage. Many men don't like these questions, so it is better to ask casually, in passing, between other topics that you discuss in conversation.

Advice 3: How to know if a married man

A lot of girls are interested in how to know if a married man. Unfortunately, the lack of a wedding ring on the finger still about what speaks. Ring at any time to remove, and are not all. If the passport does not about marriage, it also may not be proof that the man is loose, he may cohabit with a woman, not legitimizing relations. However, psychologists say that "married men"-seekers can be calculated from some features and habits.

How to know if a married man

Signs a married man

If you are in love and already planning a serious relationship with him, try to look at his passport. So you can check whether the document of your choice stamp. However, it is better to do it quietly. For example, accidentally finding a passport on the table, quickly review. If you believe such a Ruse unethical act, you can directly ask your man if he is married. If his answer is not convincing, ask to see your passport. You can do it as though half-jokingly.

If the big weekend celebrations of your loved one is not constantly with you – it indicates that it cannot at this time someone to write, for example, his family.

Reason to doubt the sincerity of his serious intentions might be the fact that he never invites you to her house. Or just do not want you to stay with him overnight. In men this may be a good reason: he probably doesn't want the neighbors or the wife saw him with you.

Meeting in a rented apartment or hotel room is very romantic, but only when they do not have a permanent character. Explanation about how your lover now the house is being renovated, should alert you.

The appearance of a married man

To judge by the clothes – it's not quite right, however, to determine the marital status of your boyfriend is a great tool. So, what should pay attention. The average wife-husband looks neat, clean and well maintained. He won't have no dirty shirts and rumpled trousers or torn socks.

If you are always very neat and well-dressed man, it may indicate the following:
- he's married and his wife takes care of it;
his appearance followed the mother;
- he is so narcissistic that does not tolerate any negligence in your appearance.

Look at his ring finger. If your date is married and wears a wedding ring on his finger will remain a distinctive mark. If not, still be vigilant. Some men wear a ring only once in life – a wedding.

The typical behavior of married men

Being next to your chosen one do not forget for a while to remove "pink glasses". Feel free to ask him about why he suddenly canceled a date or invites. When the man says, observe his behaviour. If he tries not to look in the eye and giving you the runaround – this suggests that he is misleading you.

To find out whether the man is married, ask him to tell you his home phone number under the pretext that the mobile phone often fails to dial. If he has nothing to hide, such a request it does not confuse.

If you and your boyfriend will never visit a movie theater, popular clubs, restaurants and cafes, supermarkets – that could indicate that he doesn't want someone saw him with a woman.

Learn the truth about the man it is easy, for this you just need a little while to turn on their brains". If your partner has these symptoms, it is worth considering whether you need a relationship with him. And here it is not even that he's married, and that he's lying to you and blushes. False man, whether married or not, hardly capable of genuine relationships.
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