You entered into a loving relationship with a married man? You've got an unenviable position. Especially if you were pregnant by this man. How to give him the news? There are some tips that will help you and your lover to deal with the situation.

The seriousness

Since the topic is serious, then you need to talk seriously. Without feigned joy or grief. Smooth and calm voice in a private setting. And, of course, only in person. No need to write messages on this topic. Remember that your man is not free, and some of his family may accidentally detect a message. Tell your lover that you are caught in a quandary. You – as a couple, not you alone. In the end, he also took part in the conception. Do not accuse a man of anything, as well as yourself. Just stating a fact, and then ask about future prospects. Not only in terms of your relationship, but also in terms of the unborn child.

Set yourself up correctly

Rehearse your speech at home. And adjust themselves to the fact that your news might not be so pleasant for your partner. You have to be ready for it, because, statistically, a very small percentage of married men goes to his mistress because of the pregnancy of the latter. Challenge yourself, not to divert man from the family, and to prepare him for fatherhood. Regardless of whether you are a man or not, it does not absolve him of parental obligations. Inform the dry official tone, without much emotion and hysteria.

Without emotion

Try to keep your emotions under control. If you have the courage to start a relationship with a married man, must have the courage to tell about the pregnancy. It is desirable that the conversation occurred in a place where no one can eavesdrop. First, the extra eyes and ears in this conversation is not needed. Secondly, it is not in your best interest to have someone know that you are Dating a married man and expecting his child.

If a man expressed strongly negative opinions about their future fatherhood, should not put any pressure on him. Leave him alone for a while so he can think things through. Do not impose, do not fall at the eyes. This will give him time to decide. Too much too tighten plans are not worth it. After a week try to contact the lover again. If his verdict stands, find the courage to decide their own situation.