Be aware of what you need to find the fact of change and a mistress? Because, as you know, he who seeks will find. Woman, if you like a man, in secret hopes that after "investigation" life will return to normal. That, in fact, love did not think to run away. And he loves only her alone. And things can happen differently. In the case of confirmation of fears would you be willing to experience pain, shock, disappointment? Will need to start to live differently. "Knowledge can change a lot. Perhaps you want to compare yourself to "her" and to understand what it is better? Immediately stop myself: this woman chooses a partner from the position of "better", the man starts a relationship with a mistress just because she's "different", not like you.
Observe the behavior of the husband. If you've been together, you already know his habits and character.When the men appeared "optional activities", and in every way he hides it, then it will certainly emerge through the tension. The husband may become very irritable or overly secretive. It will be painful to respond to view his mail or messages on your mobile phone. Dating two women simultaneously, often violates the agreements, it would be hard to plan the time that you spend together. A man less likely to have sex with you, don't answer the phone when you avoid sharing get-togethers with mutual friends. All these can attest to the fact that the man has another woman.
Talk to your husband. Tell him that you are concerned about his behavior and the situation. Tell him the feelings you are experiencing. Try together to find a constructive way out of the situation.
If a husband denies everything, but the facts are there, as evidence itself to penetrate his mail or browse mobile phone. Usually if someone is on the side, the traces are. On the found phone number is easy to calculate the person. Social networking can be to see his mistress. You can even call her and friendly to chat: you do have common themes.
Talk to mutual friends. Usually there is a bunch of well-wishers seeking to open their eyes to what is happening and to tell the whole truth. Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll even tell you who "she"is.
Hire a detective. Currently, the surveillance of the people have a profile of the Agency or private investigators, many of them even have a license for this activity. After a few days you will have proof or refutation in the form of photographs and evidence.