Nothing portends trouble, but suddenly the phone rings and there is her husband's mistress? How to be in this sticky situation? Every woman reacts differently to such a call. Further actions would depend on who it was addressed to this call.

Husband's phone

Spouse's phone rang, and it was not close? 85% of women will answer the call yourself. Call the mistress. How to be? You can just hang up. In the end, she's not calling you. So let the spouse with her and talking. Will he clarify your position on what you all think about his infidelities and women. With his mistress well keep dialogue to a minimum. In the end, if it's just occasional woman in the life of a spouse, and to talk with her about. If the husband is going to withdraw from you, in dialogue with the mistress also makes no sense. She maybe new to tell you? Save your nerves, just ignore.

Your phone

If a mistress is calling you, it makes sense to talk to her. For example, find out what her plans for the future. Say a calm and even tone. You do not have to make excuses or feel guilty, you do not sleep with a strange man. Do not be nervous, do not cry. Keep a polite and cold conversation. The interviewee must not understand what you are feeling at the moment. If emotions overflow, simply turn the dialogue under the pretext of strong employment. And already when I think of what to say, you can call back.

Rules of dialogue

Never stoop to insults. Even if a mistress forced you to this. Remember that a self-respecting woman doesn't allow herself to uncivilized behavior. Push the interviewee intellect and cold. Emphatic politeness – a guarantee that the caller will be out faster than you.

Does not prove their right to husband. In the end, if he left you without even telling you about it, you already win. So this woman not so very dear to him. Why prove the obvious? Just listen carefully to her husband's mistress, and then wish her success in life. Dating a married man. She is not very lucky in life, since she took such a desperate step.

Don't threaten. First, you threats only spur her husband's mistress for some unknown things. It is possible that you will only get worse. Secondly, the threat will affect your nerves. Why do you need it? Let the nervous one who is to blame.