Advice 1: Treatment Victoria: get rid of pests

Victoria – delicious and incredibly juicy berry that draws its flavor not only people, but various pests. Enemies of strawberries are many, with each specific view you can fight as improvised means and pesticides, which are in abundance in the gardening stores.
Treatment Victoria: get rid of pests

Common enemies of the strawberry

Most often, landing Victoria are attacked by the strawberry mite. Small insects breeding, when the berry beds too much moisture or the street is wet weather. Mite lives on his mustache and sockets crops.

Spring not rarely appears spider mite, which sucks the juice from the strawberries, and the inner part of the leaves, the pest entangles the web. All this leads to plant death, in the best case, a reduction in the yield.

Mattila-strawberry weevil spoils not only the strawberries. The insect feeds on leaves and buds. In addition, females lay eggs in buds.
If the weevil wound up at the cottage or in the garden, harvest berries should not be expected. This pest is capable to harm all flowering berry crops.

Snails, slugs, ants and millipedes are also not averse to eat juicy strawberries. They eat mostly fruits, causing considerable damage to crops. If the time to take measures against them, it is possible to do without special losses.

Strawberry nematode – not less dangerous enemy of strawberries. Small worms, the length of which reaches approximately 1 mm, live in the green parts of plants. To identify the pest can be reddish spots on the leaves.

Methods of pest control strawberry

To get rid of the strawberry mite will help the irrigation of the ground part of the plant tincture from tops of tomatoes. Pour 1 kg of last year's leaves 10 liters of warm, but not hot water. Let stand at least 4 hours, put on a slow fire and boil. The resulting broth, strain, dilute 1:1 with water and add 40 grams of household soap. Spray the strawberry – processing need to be performed twice with an interval of 7 days.

When dealing with spider mites strawberries can be sprayed infusions of tobacco or sage, but it is not always effective. After flowering it is best to treat the drug "Fitoverm", and fall "karbofos".
The dosage given in instructions, which is available on the packaging or an attached piece of paper.

Get rid of the weevil is easy. Take 1 kg of wormwood, add 4 liters of water and boil for 10 minutes. Strain and add 50 g of soap – it prevents immediate run-off of the decoction from the leaves. Sprinkle landing.

From snails, slugs, ants and other crawling pests that live on strawberries, use copper sulfate. Powder with a thin layer of spray to the soil between the rows. If pests are too many opalite copper sulfate themselves are leaves in a few hours pour the landing.

Get rid of strawberry nematodes difficult. If the plants are already damaged, they only have to dig up and burn, and the area treated with bleach. After buying the seedlings be sure to rinse the remnants of the earth from the roots of salt water into 5 liters of water 5 tablespoons of salt. It will not hurt to wash and leaves.

Advice 2: How to properly care for Victoria berry

Garden strawberry – the most popular Russian culture in the garden because of its simplicity, yield, taste and aroma. Growing fragrant berries devotes his time many gardeners.
How to properly care for Victoria berry

Planting and care

Guaranteed to obtain high yields of garden strawberry, you need to provide her with good care. Not less important and the right choice of location for planting. Berry patch is preferable to place on the lit area of the garden, with a slope to the South or South-West. Well, if coming from the North from cold winter winds, they will be protected by high bushes or trees – in this case, will be kept to a minimum the risk of freezing.

To plant "Victoria" is recommended in two rows or band method. The distance between the bushes should be 70х40см. Planting is best done in early spring or in August, when the bushes are formed young mustache. Good yields of the beds is maintained for 4-5 years, then they need to be moved to another place, observing rotation. It's important to shape the bushes, appearing to remove his mustache, so as not to weaken the plants.

It is necessary to keep the beds clean, promptly remove the weeds and loosen the soil and provide abundant watering during the mass pouring of berries. To retain moisture, the mulch will help. It can be shavings, straw or black non-woven covering material. This technique is also important for protection from fungal infections and pests.

Pest control

Spring after regrowth of leaves, clumps of Victoria need to treat with antifungal drugs from Botrytis, brown and white mottling. This used Bordeaux liquid, copper or iron sulfate, colloidal sulfur. Treatment should be carried out twice per season – after the leaves open and harvest. Before using these drugs should carefully study the instructions and do not forget about safety precautions.

A lot of worries and gardeners deliver and pests of garden strawberries. The worst ones are the strawberry mite, Mattila-strawberry weevil, spider mites, strawberry nematodes, wireworms and slugs, sow bugs, red ants, which eat fresh berries. Affected bushes are stunted, the berries are shrinking, and in most cases, the buds wither, not respectives.

To combat them, you can use insecticides "spark", "INTA-VIR" or to use the drug biological action "Fitoverm", which disrupts the life cycle of the pest, and then he dies. This drug is effective against spider mites and strawberry weevil. To combat the nematode must be washed in cold water the roots of diseased plants are then immersed in a solution of salt (5 tbsp of salt per 5 litres of water) for 15 minutes, then again washed in clean running water and planted in another place.

In August, it is recommended to cut off the old leaves on the garden strawberries to get rid of pests. However, it should be done in a timely manner, so that the bushes had to be covered with fresh foliage and not winterkilled winter. For insurance from freezing in autumn, the bushes need to mulch with dry peat or humus.

For effective control of wireworms should be timely weeding, loosening the soil between rows. It is very important to deal with couch grass, sow Thistle, dandelion, remove their roots. You can use herbicides "ground", "roundup" - in accordance with the instructions to the drug, to avoid the loss of strawberries.

Paying enough attention to care for the garden "Victoria", much of the season to feast on aromatic vitamins straight from the garden.
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