Monilia is a fungus that affects mainly the trees in years with rainy summers and warm winters. Oblubene trees of this fungus - stone rocks in the form of cherries, apricot and cherry, the last monilia is spreading the fastest. To save the trees you want to trim all the affected branches 5-10 cm from the fungus to healthy parts, then spray the whole tree "chorus", and weeks later to repeat the spraying, but other medication is "Emergency". Usually this treatment is enough to ensure that the tree died and in the following years bore fruit.

Is that cherry suddenly in the middle of summer begin to profusely fall off the leaves. Early leaf fall - a sign of kokkomikoza (fungal diseases). This fungus most often affects the leaves and fruit. First the leaves have small brown dots that grow into large spots, the lower part of the leaves is covered with white or pinkish bloom, the tree is losing leaves. The fruits in this condition are deformed, not ripen. Winters pathogen the fungus in the fallen leaves. To treat cherry is only necessary in late summer, after harvest. First needed around diseased trees to gather all fallen leaves and burn it, the soil is sprayed with urea solution (400 grams of urea per 10 liters of water). In the spring it is very important not to miss the "green cone" (Bud break) and processing 3% Bordeaux liquid, and immediately after flowering - a solution of 0.1% of topsin-M or 1% Bordeaux liquid.

The worst case - sudden shrinkage from the entire tree. The reason for this phenomenon - podpisanie the root collar. To save such trees is impossible, you can only prevent this disease. Since the cause of podpisania is the wrong tree planting, illiterate sampleviagra or watering, you only need to adjust watering, not to impose the trees are too thick layer of manure and try when planting not to bury the cuttings too deep.