Copper sulphate in gardening

Copper sulfate is one of the salts of sulfuric acid, crystalline. Each molecule of this salt is associated with several water molecules. It is used in horticulture as a tool against fungal infections of plants. Copper not only has antifungal activity, but also increases their immunity.

In horticulture apply another kind of sulphate of iron. It can be used for many years, because the soil contains iron in large quantities. Copper in excess is toxic. It is able to change the properties of the soil. Plants on soil with excessive levels of copper often suffer from chlorosis and are unable to absorb iron in the right quantity. As a result, the quality of fruits and vegetables is much worse.

Why the preference is given to copper sulfate? The thing is that it can be used all year round. In reasonable doses it is very effective. Iron sulfate is used only in early spring, as it burns the leaves because of its high acidity. For spraying the leaves, you need to prepare a 1% solution of copper sulfate (Bordeaux mixture). If it is properly prepared, it has a very nice shade of blue. For each plant it is necessary to spend certain quantity of the solution so that copper is not accumulating in the soil.

To get rid of moss and lichens, you will need a 6% solution of copper sulfate. For the treatment of fruit trees, enough 3% solution. Never spray flowering plants.


Copper sulphate is harmful to humans. When working with it should wear a cotton gown, goggles, rubber gloves. After treatment of the plants be sure to wash your hands and face with soap and water and rinse your mouth. Treatment spending in the absence of people and animals in the area. Use separate utensils to prepare the solution. With all the recommendations poisoning with copper sulphate is practically eliminated.

First aid in case of poisoning with copper sulfate

After contact with skin, rinse affected area with water at room temperature. The same needs to be done in case of contact with eyes. Soap cannot be used because it may react with copper sulfate.

If a person accidentally swallowed a solution of copper sulfate, you need to drink half a liter of cold water and a suspension of activated charcoal, and introduce the 5 cubes of unitiol intramuscularly. You should then take the victim to a doctor. Do not induce vomiting.