Advice 1: How to handle strawberries

You need to work hard in the spring to the summer to get a bumper crop of strawberries. This garden plant is one of the most demanding and time-consuming to clean, so for the emergence of delicious berries strawberries should correctly handle.
How to handle strawberries
You will need
  • - the pruner;
  • - hoe;
  • bucket;
  • - garden sprayer;
  • - chicken manure;
  • - mullein;
  • - potassium nitrate;
  • - "NPK", or other mineral fertiliser;
  • - "Colloidal sulphur", "fitosporin" and other drugs to combat pests and diseases;
  • - water.
The success of a rich harvest, first of all, depends on the correct execution of the works in the beds. Gently rake up all of last year's foliage. In any case, don't burn the leaves produced during the burning of dry vegetation dioxin – hazardous substance.
Proryhlit the soil in between rows and rows. Then do the fertilizing strawberries.
Early spring strawberries , fed by special fertilizers, for example, "NPK" or organic complex (diluted infusion of mullein or chicken manure). Fertilize strawberries directly under the root rate of half a liter of solution every tree of the garden plants.
To combat pests and diseases treat strawberry special preparations: "Phytosporin" (a fungal disease), "Colloidal sulfur" (powdery mildew) or similar.
Watering strawberries throughout the growing period, and especially watering when the garden culture in bloom and during fruit ripening. Preferably the strawberries to pour the cool water in the morning.
After each watering and feeding loosens the ground. In addition, during the entire vegetation period, fight the weeds, removing them on time, and be careful to avoid earthen crust.
In the process of Bud formation and during fruit ripening strawberries in need of potassium. In this period for feeding: you can use a diluted solution of chicken droppings, fly ash, or potassium nitrate.
Mustache on the strawberries begin to appear immediately after the flowering of this garden culture. The maximum number occurs for the period of complete fruiting. At this time, and trimming mustache.
Mustache crop of strawberries in the morning or evening, it is desirable that the day was dry. Follow ordinary garden pruning shears. Moustaches of a strawberry it is not necessary to break off: they are tight, so pulling the heads, you can damage the main hive.
Mustache can be used as planting material. In this case, three root sockets of the first order going from a parent plant strawberries. To use as planting material outlet of the second and subsequent orders are not recommended: this will negatively affect the yield of strawberries.
Using for combating pests and diseases certain chemicals, make sure that you comply with the dosage (it is listed in the instructions to the drug). Overdose can cause the death of garden plants.
Useful advice
The kidneys of the stems of the strawberries should not be covered as this can cause rotting bushes and their subsequent death.

Advice 2: When to trim a mustache of strawberries

Strawberry is a delicious and juicy berry that contains a large number of vitamins and minerals. Subject to agrotechnics of cultivation is possible to obtain an abundant harvest. Berries were large and delicious, you should systematically remove the mustache of the plant.
When to trim a mustache of strawberries

Whiskers at strawberry place only in the case if you plan to obtain planting material for propagation. For seedlings, leave a few bushes, which give grow and take root three outlets. Do not forget that when you receive your seedlings, you will not get from the parent plant abundant harvest of berries or, in extreme cases, the berries will grow, but will be fine. The first outlet is cut off from the parent Bush is the most valuable seedling strawberry, which has retained all the qualities of a cultivated variety.

First moustache appear strawberries after flowering. You can delete immediately or to wait for the advent of the mustache, and to work on their cutting at the same time.

Trimming the mustache actually spent in Sunny, dry day in the morning or in the evening. With the help of usual scissors or shears carefully cut the offshoot to the parent plant.

During the cropping guide further work to remove dull and dry leaves. After a period of fruiting before the onset of the cold season, the strawberries you can leave only bare stems.

As soon as trimming a mustache is finished, immediately clean the plantation means from pests and diseases. You can buy it in the store for gardeners. Trade names can be different. As a popular methods to protect strawberries from pests and diseases, use wood ash. 1 square meter will require 100 g of sifted ash.

After cropping, prepare the plantation for the winter. To do this, carefully sprinkle the beds with a pincushion. This will help the plants to survive the winter without any losses and give next year a bountiful harvest.

Removal of whiskers is quite a laborious procedure. If you are not willing to spend it annually, breed beardless varieties of strawberries: "Alexandria", "Ali Baba", "holiday", "Weis Solemacher", "Yellow miracle", "rügen", and others.

Advice 3: Do I need to trim their moustaches strawberries

Strawberry almost immediately after flowering begins to produce moustache - shoots, which formed the young bushes-sockets. To many novice gardeners, the question arises - is it necessary to trim their moustaches strawberries and when to do it.
Do I need to trim their moustaches strawberries

Why the need for the mustache strawberries

For strawberry, often referred to as strawberries, are characterized by the reproduction of a mustache. Immediately after the start of flowering some varieties produce long shoots with 3-5 sockets, which then take root and grow new bushes. And if you don't want to get planting material for further expansion of plantation of strawberries, all the whiskers need to be trimmed.

How to trim a mustache of strawberries

On the formation of whiskers Bush gives a lot of nutrients, so during the ripening of berries they need to be cut. Hard every day to monitor the emergence of new shoots in the garden and orchard, plenty of other work. Therefore it is better to wait for the mass appearance of moustache and all the time to remove. But this must be done correctly. First, the whiskers cannot be cut, you only trim. Second, be sure to leave a little escape, do not remove too short. Thirdly, need pruning in early morning or evening, but not humid day.

Preparing the strawberries for the winter

If you do not have time to trim the mustache in the summer, do it in the fall. To make your strawberries a good fruit for next year, cut the leaves at the same time remove and mustache. But don't cut at the very root, it is enough to remove the fading leaves. At the same time spend processing against diseases and pests. If your region's harsh winter, insulate planting, sawdust or pine needles.

Advice 4: Fertilizing for garden strawberry

Every cottager knows that to get a good strawberry crop, you need to feed.
Fertilizing for garden strawberry
Not so long ago among the summer residents began to arise about fertilizing strawberries during flowering. The fact is that fertilizer applied to the soil of this culture, should not contain a lot of nitrogen. Otherwise, berry Bush builds up a dense mass of foliage, and berries form a little and of low quality.

An excellent fertilizer for strawberries has long been considered ash. It can be used as nutrient fertilizer and as a means of protection, at the same time. Ash should be sprinkled on the plant as a whole in the period of intensive Svetovrachane (when they begin to bloom the biggest flowers in the inflorescences of a Bush), you can then flush it from the sprinkler or hose, but not very diligently.

It is desirable that the residue of ash is left on the leaves of the Bush and on the ground under the plant. These ash heels are the perfect protection from bugs cocoadev and weevil. Burns on the strawberry leaves from the ash does not happen. During the summer season, it is useful to perform two or three ash dusting. Dosage, one Cup is about 200 grams. wood ash per square meter of soil.

For garden strawberry of great importance is the purity of the soil in the brush aisle. Weeds and "whiskers" of the plants should be periodically and carefully remove. If, because of soil conditions weeds are difficult to fight, then the best option is to plant the plants in one row. This method greatly simplifies care for strawberries, but also has beneficial effects on the quantity and quality of crop harvested.

Advice 5: Do I need to feed strawberries during flowering

If you wish to obtain a rich harvest of strawberries, you must ensure that the plants need care. Many gardeners believe that the strawberry plants during flowering is better not to disturb, but it is not. Remember, fertilizing these plants during flowering will have a positive impact not only on the number of berries in the future, but also on their quality.
Do I need to feed strawberries during flowering

Foliar application of strawberry during flowering

When feeding strawberries during flowering is not necessary to forget about its foliar diet. This procedure should be carried out three times during the growing season. First – as soon as the first leaves, the second with the appearance of stalks, the third - during the growth of the ovary.

When selecting foliar feeding of select drugs which includes about two grams of potassium sulfate and one gram of boric acid per liter. During the processing of strawberries pay special attention to the underside of the leaves of plants (the fact that the underside of the leaves absorbs most of the nutrients).

Root feeding of blossoming strawberries

It is worth remembering that during the period of active flowering strawberries in large amounts of necessary potassium, so if you want to get a good harvest, be sure to feed the plants with an infusion of bird droppings, wood ash solution, mullein or potassium nitrate.

In recent years, many gardeners as a root feed use yeast: a kilogram of compressed yeast is diluted in five liters of water, insist in a warm place a few hours after which pour them with the mixture of the strawberries in the calculation of a pint on a Bush. Also to prepare such a feed can be used and the yeast, however, the technology of preparation of the mixture is slightly different. Need a package of yeast to dissolve in a glass of warm water, add a tablespoon of sugar, let stand a few hours, after which the cooked mass pour into a five-gallon bucket of water, stir and you are ready to feed.

Advice 6: What to feed strawberries in the spring

Strawberries are incredibly juicy and useful berry, which with great pleasure rides both adults and children. However, to strawberry fruit was delicious and large, it is necessary to create for the plants favorable conditions, do not forget to feed them in the spring before flowering.
What to feed strawberries in the spring

If you planted strawberries a year ago and in preparing the beds made organic fertilizer, in this case to feed the strawberry bushes in the spring is not necessary: the plants will have enough nutrients already in the soil.

What to feed strawberries in the spring: folk remedies

In most cases, strawberries for three years almost completely depletes the soil in which grow, and in this case, a rich harvest can be expected only either when feeding plants or when transplanting them to new beds. As dressing takes less time and effort, most gardeners prefer it. If the strawberry for more than three years, for a good harvest it is necessary to feed three times:

- with the appearance of first leaves;

- with the appearance of buds;

- if ovaries are the berries themselves.

The most favorable time for the first feeding in mid-late April (depending on climate zone). You must first remove from the beds of debris: leaves, twigs, etc. Further around the seedlings (at the roots) to decompose the manure, mullein or chicken manure very thin layer (through the feeding was visible to earth), then the top cover the fertilizer with soil (height of soil no more than a couple centimeters).

The second feeding should take place no later than mid-late may as soon as the first flowers appear. For the second feeding, use ash and iodine: a glass ash pour boiling water, strain and pour the resulting liquid with a bucket full of warm water (10 liters). Add water, 30 drops of iodine and pour every Bush strawberry 500-700 ml of the mixture.

The third feeding, as mentioned above, must be done before the ovaries. The best in this period is feeding in the form of infusion of weeds. It is done in the following way: propolice the beds, the weeds, chop and fill a bucket. Pour in the water and allow to infuse for a week in a warm room. Strain the mixture, dilute with water 1:1 and pour the strawberry root calculation litre per Bush. Some gardeners to this dressing add the yeast (200 grams per 10 litres of mixture), however, this is not worth it. The fact that the result on the growth of the berries from the yeast you will not see, but the rocky soil would do.

What to feed strawberries in the spring without chemistry

If you don't want to use as feed purchase drugs, use either chicken manure (it is desirable to use only in early spring), manure, mullein, or infusions of weeds, which necessarily includes the nettle. Biennial bushes is enough feeding in the form of ash (a glass of dry ash at the root of each Bush), three to four-year need of more abundant food: humus, mixed with sawdust, shredded pine bark, compost, etc.

Advice 7: When strawberries ripen in the Moscow region, Leningrad region and Krasnodar

Strawberry is a berry that is almost everyone in the garden. Most of us, as soon as strawberry bushes begin to bloom, looking forward to when you can eat these juicy and sweet red berries. Keep up the strawberries in each region begins in the time, for example, in Russia it can be enjoyed early in the Krasnodar region.
When strawberries ripen in the Moscow region, Leningrad region and Krasnodar

When strawberries ripen in Krasnodar

The end of may, and in stores of large cities of Russia are already beginning to receive the strawberry. In most cases, these berries are imported from Spain, Turkey, Israel, but among them you can find and Krasnodar strawberries. Yes, do not be surprised, in Russia these berries appear earlier (but only in the southern regions), for example, early strawberries in Krasnodar ripens in late April-early may, and the mid - in mid-may. However, depending on weather conditions, the timing of its maturation may change.

When strawberries ripen in the suburbs

In Moscow, the strawberries ripen a month later than in the Krasnodar region. For example, if planted early in the greenhouse, the first berries can be eaten in early June if planted by mid-season, then the harvest can begin in mid-June (at planting in the greenhouse) or late June (when landing in open ground). It should be noted that if the weather is overcast and not particularly warm, above the ripening berries can "lag" for a few weeks.

When strawberries ripen in the Leningrad region

Leningrad oblast is just North of Moscow, but weather in these two areas is virtually identical. Hence it can be concluded that the ripening of strawberries in the Leningrad region is similar to the ripening of these berries in the Moscow region. If this difference is, it is insignificant, not more than a week.

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