Boots have several names – "shoes for football", "Barry", "gym shoes" and not only. This Shoe is designed to protect the feet when playing football. In addition, the boots much easier to run on the grass. These shoes allow you to properly distribute the load and to protect the player from injury.

What are cleats

Shoes football designed for play on different types of surfaces – grass or soil, synthetic surface or natural. There are also shoes created for playing on a smooth floor in the sports halls.
Experts recommend buying shoes in retail stores – there is a guarantee, moreover, possible to compare several models and to obtain detailed advice.

Boots can have different number of spikes on the soles, and these elements can be of different form. About the type of boot tell the markings are the main models:
- MG or multiground cleats with 24 spikes. This model is more suitable for infrequent training for children. These boots will be the best choice for firm, field, pressure is distributed evenly, so the athlete will feel comfortable for a long time;
- SG – cleats, 6 or 8 spikes. Specialized models suitable for playing in the rain or on a soft surface. Soccer cleats with this marking have round spikes, provided with lugs made of metal. This special footwear can only be used by older players, because the model is firmly wraps the foot, which can lead to flat feet in children.
- FG – cleats almost universal with 13 or 12 classic spikes. They can be played on grass, synthetic, hard field.
But there are other models of boots, so when choosing shoes for football always consult with a specialist store.

Criteria of selection of shoes for football

Manufacturers today use various marketing moves, trying to make their products popular. In particular, many cleats with non-standard materials. Modern soccer shoes are made of kangaroo leather, microfiber, synthetic, calfskin. After all, shoes should be well-fitting leg to be comfortable with these tasks best suited natural leather. Material for boots is a special treatment, with the result that the skin becomes more soft and supple.
On the boots do not need to save, but do not try to choose the most expensive model – the shoes quickly wear out from frequent training and games. Guided by their financial capabilities.

There are also models with shock absorbers, asymmetrical lacing, long tongue and other features that are designed to give the player the convenience. In any case, it is necessary to carefully choose shoes, not to deal with poor quality product. If you decided on the model of synthetics, you need to buy shoes a half size up because the material does not stretch, and the load foot will swell. The child too should get boots a little bigger in size, but they must tightly encircle the foot to prevent injuries.