Advice 1: How to stretch football boots

Boots – an indispensable thing for an athlete, especially for a football player. These shoes primarily to be comfortable and comfortable. If the new shoes were slightly the wrong size, to fix this you need to first enter the field.
How to stretch football boots
You will need
  • - warm water;
  • - alcohol-containing vehicle;
  • - wool socks;
  • - stretcher.
Wet boots, and even better – some time to soak them in warm water to become soft skin. Then put them on your feet and walk a bit. After this procedure, they must take the form of legs. If shoes are leather, instead of water may use alcohol or Cologne. New shoes RUB alcohol inside and walk around in them for a while.
Try another way that you can use for any leather shoes. Put into sealed bags with water and leave in the freezer for about a day. The boots will last this way, because frozen water increases in size. But whether you are on foot, can not be guaranteed.
Put on legs woolen socks, soaked in warm water or vodka, pull on top of boots and try to walk a couple of hours. Better to do it at home, to be able to sit down to rest. The next day can repeat these steps, while maintaining their business.
If you don't like walking in wet socks or shoes, you will have to force yourself to stretch shoes normal wear. It is certainly not quick, and the pain will have to endure, especially if the Shoe rubs blisters.
In Department stores you can buy a special tool – stretcher. It is a spray foam that you want to put on shoes and then walk in it.
Useful advice
Now increasingly began to make shoes from leather. In this case, do not leave them in the freezer or moisten with water. It is better to use liquids with alcohol content of Cologne, vodka, etc. If absolutely no time to stretch, try to stick with the place that rubs, silicone plaster. At the time of the campaign it will save you from blisters, but then still need to stretch their legs.

Advice 2 : How to make shoes

Professional shoesshould be noted, is not cheap. And if you can play football only for fun, then there is no reason to purchase expensive shoes. Enough to have simple sneakers. Still better to have old shoes, or ones that you no longer wear. It is because they make a good basis for your homemade boots.
How to make shoes
If you look at the history of shoes for soccer (this is correctly called cleats), you'll see that it all started with leather, work boot soles with spikes. So the main difference between the boots from any other athletic Shoe - spikes, which do not allow the sole to slide while running. This is especially useful when you have to train on wet or poor-quality lawn.Enter the image of Adolf Dassler, who in 1925 made a breakthrough in the world of sports shoes, invented a model with spikes, and get to work.
First you need to say that if you don't want much to wrestle with, go to a Shoe store or a workshop, where you'll find special rubber with rubber or metal spikes. These devices are designed for attachment to footwear in adverse weather conditions (sleet, mist, ice). A good option for boots 'own production".
Other improvements to the shoes:
Stick to the sole of corrugated rubber from old skis (the glue should match the material of the soles and be waterproof).
Tighten the foot screws. If the sole is not very thick, you can twist the T-shaped plate with done the holes for the screws that will act as studs.It is worth noting that from what kind of surface you will play depends on the number of spikes on the shoes (mostly their number is equal to 6, 12, or 13).
How to make <strong>football boots</strong>
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