You will need
  • cleats;
  • - two inches;
  • - 2 felt tongue.
Consult with an experienced coach and train to tie the laces on the boots according to his recommendations. The main thing in wet football boot is the provision of reliability and convenience. When you kick something sticking out of place node may seriously ruin the game.
Learn important rules: after lacing the surface of the instep of the boots should be smooth. The node must be located on the external side of the product, closer to the sole. It is neatly tucked under the braid.
Try to lace up cleats, connecting pairs of holes taped on parallel lines. This method of lacing is known as a straight or rectangular. It does not form a traditional diagonal weaves inside the Shoe. To achieve such a result, to begin with you should skip the lace through the top two holes then the node will be the bottom.
Take the ends of the lace inside the boots, then the left end of the ribbon to stretch across the length of the product and release of the bottom left hole. Insert the opposite end into the second hole from the top (right side boot), throw back to the opposite side and again lower down.
Thus, this part of the strap starts to describe the line of rectangles, alternately passing through all the holes. At the end of the lacing it will come out the lower holes on the right. Laced shoes are to be neat and clean, they can be quickly unlace and lace up again. However, this complication is not possible if the product has an odd number of holes.
Use a straight lacing is odd, if the number of holes on the boots are not multiples of two. This requires in the beginning to make one diagonal tie, then work on the described model. At the end of a twisting to do such an overlap is not recommended, as it may deform the rise.
Make a solid knot to secure the lacing of boots. The usual, familiar from childhood, "bow" is universal, it can be used for everyday wear.
Another variant of the node ("two-step") is not as beautiful and symmetrical, but more reliable – not untied, even if you unravel one end. Make the usual overlap of two twice-folded ends of the braid. Then form a new loop and tie a knot. If you want you can find on the Internet other ways of pinching shoes and test them on their boots.