Ecco is a world famous brand of comfortable casual and sports shoes for the whole family. This brand buy people leading active lifestyles who appreciate comfort and style without the frills. The company Ecco was founded in Denmark, and the first factory was opened in 1963 in the town of Bredebro.

Today, the production capacity EKKO much more: factories producing shoes, opened around the world. Despite strict control, the quality of goods made in third world countries, can yield analogs with European factories. That is why careful buyers interested in the country of origin of each pair that they liked.

Where the factory Ecco?

Because to buy shoes brand Ecco in 50 countries, the company has to sign contracts with numerous factories to meet the demand. Where is sew this comfortable shoes that meet European quality standards?

In 1974 some production lines Ecco transferred to Brazil, thereby optimizing the costs of tailoring. Then the license has been ex-Czechoslovakia (by the way, they continue to work to this day), and in Austria, has opened a subsidiary. In 1991, contracts were signed for tailoring tops for shoes in South-East Asia and South America, is also the franchise started production in Argentina. By 2005, has opened a subsidiary in Hong Kong, Poland and Belgium, and in China, built the most modern plant producing branded footwear.

In addition to companies working on the franchise, top to ecco shoes are produced on own facilities in China, Slovakia, Thailand, Portugal and Indonesia. The headquarters of the company are still located in Copenhagen.

There is open Test Center for the improvement of the most popular lines of Ecco shoes and create new collections.

The unique features of Ecco shoes

Brand shoes, Ecco boots and sneakers are mainly made of natural materials, including particularly delicate calfskin, used for sewing shoes. The insole is made from plant fibers, and the soles from rubber with special additives that make the capricious material less sensitive to temperature changes.

Natural materials provide safety footwear and its durability.

In retail stores, Ecco is the easiest way to find the shoes with a comfortable fit, as when developing the new series takes into account all possible features of the anatomy of the foot. In addition, the sole of the Shoe is very light, flexible and has shock-absorbing properties, so the legs do not get tired even after long walks.