Unlike credit cards, debit owner may dispose of only the amount that is in his account. It is convenient, as there is no danger of going into debt to the Bank. On debit cards list of salaries and pensions, the card holder can withdraw the desired amount of cash at any ATM.
Select the debit card begins with the definition of the payment system. Most widespread in the world received two Visa and Master Card. Having the maps of these systems, you will be able to use them practically in any country of the world. Visa and Master Card are equally reliable, so choosing a card from any of these payment systems.
Having defined the payment system, select the card you wish to obtain. For this Visa, in order of increasing capability and prestige, Visa Electron, Visa Classic, Visa Gold and Visa Platinum. For MasterCard Unembossed, Maestro, Standard, Gold, Platinum. Note that along with increasing the number of opportunities is growing and the cost of maintenance, it can vary from 100 rubles to thousands of rubles per year.
Before selecting the type of card you decide why you need it. If only in order to withdraw cash from ATMs and pay for purchases in stores and over the Internet, you will be enough Visa Electron, MasterCard or Maestro Unembossed. These types of cards are the most common due to low maintenance costs – about 300 rubles a year. Note that these types of cards are vulnerable to counterfeiting – you do not have signature fields, holograms, etc.
If you care about the issues of prestige, make the map not below the level of Visa Classic and MasterCard Standard. The cost of maintenance of such cards will be about 700 rubles per year. Expensive cards provide additional opportunities – for example, bonuses in some stores, when buying airline tickets, etc. a Specific list of additional services you can find, acquainted with the description of the map online through her Bank.
Much more important than the type of map is the choice of serving her Bank. Be careful – the more favorable terms offered by the Bank, the less reliable it can be. Therefore it is best to choose banks, time-tested. For example, Sberbank, offering all types of debit cards.
When choosing a Bank, consider the accessibility to you ATM: in that case, if you withdraw money using a "foreign" ATM, you will get higher interest. Withdrawals through an ATM of your Bank is usually free or has a minimal percentage.
Upon receipt of the card be sure to connect service "Mobile Bank" or its equivalent exists in almost all banks. After it connected, your mobile phone will receive information about all carried out on the card credit and debit transactions. It is convenient, as in the case of fraudulent activity with your card, you will immediately learn about them and you can use it to block it.
Whichever card you choose, while using it, always observe the safety rules. Do not, under any circumstances, disclose your pin-code of your card, do not write it on the card itself. When shopping online, avoid questionable sites, sometimes creating them just to find out you enter card holder name, card number, expiration date and security code. Using this information, fraudsters can use your card for online purchases.
If your card is a considerable amount, get for online purchases another, with a small balance, or use so-called virtual cards. When withdrawing money from an ATM, ensure that none of your back are not watching you enter your pin. Look carefully, the receiving device and the ATM any overlap scammers use them to read the data of your card. If the appearance of the ATM raises at least some suspicion, try another.