Advice 1: How to pay by card "Momentum" of Sberbank

Bank card "Momentum" of the savings Bank are ongoing. These cards are given instantaneously after signing with the client service contract Bank card.
map "Momentum" of Sberbank
There are two varieties of cards "Momentum" from Sberbank. Each variety has its own opportunities and terms of service, they are United only by the fact that such cards are issued immediately, at the request of the customer to the Bank, and on the front of the card pemberani name and surname of the card holder.

Card instant issuance "Momentum" Maestro and Visa Electron from Sberbank

Sberbank Visa Electron and Maestro "Momentum" applies very widely, this card is entry level, allows you to perform cashless payments in Russia and withdraw money from ATMs of Sberbank.

Cards Momentum, Visa Electron and Maestro in a sense replaced the passbook on demand deposits. The customer card is issued immediately after the opening of the account, including it can be social card for the transfer of child benefits and pensions.

When you connect the SMS-informing for a small fee of 20-30 rubles per month you can be aware of all receipts and withdrawals from the card account and control your finances. Visa Electron, Maestro "Momentum" of the savings Bank you can pay in stores with installed terminals of Sberbank, to pay for utility bills at the ATM, in the personal online office or using mobile banking.

To pay for services online such a map is impossible, since on the reverse side of this card there are three numbers that are used in the payment cards on the Internet. But if you connect to personal online office of the savings Bank you can pay within online office for the services that are presented by Sberbank.

Cardholders can transfer funds to accounts of friends and acquaintances. If account or card recipient opened in the savings Bank the Commission fee for the transfer is charged. Sberbank offers the opportunity to recharge the electronic wallet in the Yandex.The money, which in turn allows you to pay for almost any purchases online.

Visa and MasterCard Momentum

Visa and MasterCard Momentum with a credit limit of up to 150 thousand rubles will be issued only to those customers who have received a personal offer from Sberbank. If you use this card, using the Bank's money, it is recommended that all calculations be made only by wire transfer.

When you withdrawal money from an ATM or to the cashier of the savings Bank canceled the preferential interest-free period on the card, it is up to 50 days. In this case, removed the Commission for the issuance of cash in the amount of 3% from the sum no less than 199 roubles. Commission for cash withdrawal at ATMs of other banks is 4% from the sum no less than 199 roubles.

The card is accepted to service in all ATMs and POS terminals installed in retail network, where there is an icon Visa and MasterCard.
Card you can pay online. The card has all the additional features provided by savings and electronic payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard.

On this map is prohibited transfers of credit funds from the account to another account holder and to any other users card of Sberbank, it is forbidden in order that it was impossible to withdraw money from the account at an ATM, keeping in this way the grace period.

After the grace period if the card account is not paid, for the remainder of the card debt accrued interest at the rate of 18.9% per annum. If you can not repay the loan in full, you can just repay the minimum payment amount monthly.

The amount of the payment the Bank informs the SMS for 20 days to maturity. View the minimum payment in your online account. After repayment payment interest for the month from the account written off, but the rest of the amount included in the loan repayment can be available upon request.

If the credit debt account no, the card acts like a normal Visa or MasterCard. Card to take abroad, but please note if a map electronic chip, in the absence of possible denial of service cards outside of Russia. After the expiration of the Sberbank card releases the card for replacement embossed credit card Visa or MasterCard.

Advice 2: How to Deposit card Visa Electron

Every year Bank cards are becoming more common means of payment. Expand the network of stores that accept them for payment, many organizations offer the opportunity to pay for goods and services via the Internet. And if some time ago was used mainly for payroll cards, are now expanding their use. But you must know the rules of using Bank cards. So how do you top up the card, such as Visa Electron?
How to Deposit card Visa Electron
You will need
  • - Bank card Visa Electron;
  • - cash to replenish the account;
  • - the passport.
Find the address of the branch of your Bank. This can be done on the Bank's website, for example, in the section "outlets and ATMs". Enter your city and area of residence, and the system will give you the address, phone number and operating hours of the Department. The address of the nearest office of your Bank you can ask for reference phone which is also listed on the website of your Bank.
It does not matter what branch you opened the account and received the card. You can recharge your account in any of them.
Make money on the Bank account linked to your card. This can be done through the cashier. It is sufficient to present the card or account number and passport.
If at that time when you visited the Bank, the office is closed, use the ATM. To do this, locate an ATM that accepts cash (this information is indicated on the ATM). Then insert ATM card, enter pin, select the option to Deposit money into your account. Stick to the banknote bundle of banknotes, among them should not be badly damaged. After operation do not forget to take your card and receipt.
Some banks provide the service of account replenishment through the payment system Contact. In this case, you will be able to recharge not only in the branch of his Bank, but in other financial institution, using the same payment system.
If your Bank offers online banking, you can perform some operations on the Bank's Internet site. For example, if you have another account in the same Bank and you want to replenish the account to which the card is linked, move the necessary amount from one couple to another. This will get the Bank login and password to access the system and follow the instructions on the website on how to transfer money from account to account.
Useful advice
Keep all supporting documents - receipts and checks - on the transfer of funds until, until you are sure that the money really came.

Advice 3: How to pay off credit card Sberbank

Credit cards are so convenient to pay for purchases for which cash money is not available. However, quite often the question arises, associated with the repayment of the debt on this card. Each Bank provides its own procedure for obtaining the borrowed funds back. Sberbank to this rule not the exception.
How to pay off credit card Sberbank
To pay off credit card Sberbank you can in different ways. Just choose the one you most comfortable. For example, you can repay the debt without leaving home. For this you will need to work with the system "Sberbank Online". However, it is possible that if you have profitable plastic card received in the Bank. Login using the ID and password of the subscriber. Select the "Payments" section. Then find the category "Credit". In these fields, enter the number of your contract or credit card and the amount you wish to Deposit. Then proceed to the tips system. Press "Pay". And all your the loan is repaid.
Can use services of "Mobile banking". The principle of operation it is quite simple. Your yield card issued by a Bank linked to your mobile phone. If the card account you have enough funds to repay the loan, you need to send SMS to number 900. The text of the message as follows: a LOAN or KREDIT, followed by a space and the number of your loan account (20 digits). Again a space, and then specify the amount you need your card to write off. If you have one phone number is registered to several payment cards at the end of the message text, enter the last 5 digits of your credit card. In response you will receive an SMS with confirmation of payment.
Alternatively, you can pay the loan you can directly in the branch of the Bank through the payment terminal. For this you will need to use their profitable card. On the screen, select the necessary section, and then enter the card number or the credit agreement. Specify the amount to be paid. Click "Confirm" or "Pay" will receive a check. Your credit card is closed.
Through ATM you can pay in cash. For this you will need the terminal, which does not give, but rather takes money. On the principle of operation is the same as when paying with the card. Enter the contract number, specify the amount and upload it to our terminal money. We can only wait for the check.
If you are a customer of another Bank, pay off credit card Sberbank cashless. For this you need to make a transfer of funds from one account to another. Write the corresponding statement in its servicing Bank. And experts themselves will transfer money to the account of the creditor-organization.
Can pay the credit ahead of schedule with the help of experts of the savings Bank. To do this you need to come into the branch of Sberbank on the date of your next payment, write a statement and provide for payment all of the required amount.
Useful advice
If you need a special certificate, which indicates that the loan you have repaid in full, the Bank to you any more has no claims, have to go for it in the office of the financial institution. Such documents are only issued in person upon presentation of the identity document of the applicant.

Advice 4: How to get a credit card of Sberbank visa gold

Card "Visa Gold" from Sberbank emphasizes the status of the owner, and also provides additional benefits in the form of discounts around the world. It is possible to issue cards in two versions - in the form of debit and credit.
How to get a credit card of Sberbank visa gold

Card benefits Visa gold

Cards Visa gold has all the advantages of cards Visa. With their help you can pay and withdraw cash anywhere in the world. In this case, the card includes discounts and benefits from Visa payment system in the framework of the Visa Premium. It includes hundreds of shops, hotels, restaurants, cinemas and services worldwide. The holder of a gold card of the savings Bank automatically becomes a member of Countdown, the standard membership cost is $ 14. Another advantage is the lack of limits on overdraft.

The card can be issued in any cash - dollars, euros, rubles. If the Visa Gold card is lost abroad, the cardholder immediately has the opportunity to receive monetary compensation.

This card is available all additional services of Sberbank - service "Mobile Bank" Sberbank Online, Autopayment.

It is worth considering that for all the benefits the cost of maintenance of Visa Gold card is 3000 rubles a year. Additional card you will have to pay 2,500 rubles per year.

Conditions and particulars of debit cards Visa Gold in the savings Bank

Visa Gold card can be obtained at any branch of Sberbank.
Card can apply for citizens of the Russian Federation who have reached 18 years of age. Documents required only passport.
It is necessary to write the application to issue a card and complete the questionnaire. It is also possible the card online. Through the savings Bank it is possible to order the card with individual design.

The application will be considered in the savings Bank two working days.

The terms and features of credit card Visa Gold in the savings Bank

The credit limit on the Visa Gold card is up to 600 thousand rubles. The interest rate on the loan is from 17.9% to 23% per year. Service card for free as part of the personal offers of the banks, 3000 rubles - for other categories.
The credit limit is 15 000 RUB and is set individually. Grace period is 50 days, applies only to payment for goods and services.
The map can place citizens at the age from 21 to 51 years.

For registration cards payroll clients of Sberbank (or those who took Bank mortgage or a car loan), you need two documents: passport and a statement. Other categories are also required:

- proof of income 2 personal income tax or tax return;

- the documents confirming labor activity of the borrower (a contract of employment, copy of work record card, certificate of sole proprietorship, etc.)

The card is the member of the bonus program "Thank you from Sberbank".

Advice 5: What are the differences between visa and maestro

Often those who are going to get a new card, the question arises of the choice of payment system. It is better to choose either Visa or Maestro (MasterCard) and what are their differences?
What are the differences between visa and maestro

What are Visa and Maestro

Visa – the international payment system, the headquarters of which is in the USA. The company offers its customers various services, such as cashless payment, bind the card to the account, etc.

Key competitor of the Corporation is MasterCard. Maestro – a type of payment service from MasterCard, in the form of debit cards.

Affinity Visa and Maestro

Analogue Maestro cards can only be considered Visa Electron. As, for example, Visa Classic has a wider functionality and is to be compared with only MasterCard Standart.

In Russia, these cards are often issued for the transfer of wages, pensions and scholarships. As a rule, they are maintenance - free for the consumer.

Total for two cards Maestro and Visa Electron cards is limited in functionality - they both allow you to pay in stores and withdraw cash from ATMs. However, to pay online at them will not work. Maps allow you to conduct transactions only in places that provide online authorization. Thus, the number of points where they can pay less compared to the standard and classic analogues.

They are similar in design - they are no ambodiriana labels (relief impress) details of the card owner. Cards also cannot be linked to the system of electronic payments (e.g. PayPal or WebMoney). Both are often issued in bearer and in fact, they are prepaid cards. According to him, establishes minimum limits on the operation.

The differences between Visa and Maestro

Visa is an international payment system, while the Maestro is just one of the types of cards from MasterCard. Between them there are also differences in prevalence in Russia. Visa Electron card - issued cards are more popular and a large number of banks.

Visa used when converting the dollar. While MasterCard, including Maestro - Euro. It should be noted that in Russia there is a widespread card Maestro Momentum, which can be used only for payment in Russia, so the question of conversion in this case is not worth it.

Sometimes Visa Electron cards it is possible to pay purchases in the Internet, this option is set by the Bank. While no Maestro security code (CVC2), which makes online purchases possible.

Another difference is that, when making purchases in the store on a Maestro you need to enter the PIN, and Visa Electron - this is not required.

Advice 6: How to get a social card of Sberbank of Russia

Social card of Sberbank is a special offer, which main Bank of Russia makes only for pensioners and persons eligible for social benefits. Give a card only upon presentation of a pension or other identities of this kind. This map provides a number of benefits and conveniences.
How to get a social card of Sberbank of Russia

Why you need a social security card

Sberbank of Russia is known for its social programs, among which there are developments for students, pensioners and persons receiving subsidies from the state. Social card of Sberbank is made according to the standard Maestro, it typically is charged with a pension, but you can take back and other benefits or payments.

Social card will save you from having to retire uncomfortable way. Usually people have to sit at home on a certain day, expecting the employee mail or another service that deals with pensions. Retired never knows exactly when this man comes, sometimes even the date of his arrival is unknown, and that is if the planned day of the pension payment falls on a weekend day.

To receive a pension from the social map will be very simple. The money will be credited automatically. And if you connect SMS-notification, that the funds transferred to the account, you do and learn at the same moment. Today, a considerable number of pensioners uses cell phones, so this option can actually become very comfortable.

Social security card as an ordinary Bank, allows you to pay for any services, it is accepted in all shops and terminals in Russia.

How to open the social card of Sberbank

To get a social security card, you need to come to the nearest branch of Sberbank of Russia. There you will be given an application form. Filling it, you will also need to show your pension certificate and ID card – passport.

You must also have a permanent registration in the region in which the branch, where you draw a card. If permanent registration is not, then the decision about whether to issue you a card that is accepted by the Bank.

If you will be retired in the near future, it is possible to draw a social map a little in advance. You can seek in the savings Bank for a month or two before that date with a request to make a map: usually the employees of the Bank are not denied.

After registration you will be given account details. They should be dealt with by the FIU, after which the pension will automatically be credited to your account.

The advantages and disadvantages of social card

On the balance of the social card is 3.5% per annum, and this percentage is higher than for other types of cards of the savings Bank. Annual service on this card is free. At the request of the applicant may produce additional cards to the main account.

The card has one drawback, which for many pensioners hardly seems significant: it served only in Russia. The reason is that the operations on the social map are made only in rubles.

On the social map, you cannot get paid. For this purpose it is not released.

Advice 7: How to block the card of Sberbank

If you have stolen a credit card, or you lost it, then it is mandatory to perform the procedure lock, which prevents other people to access cash. "Sberbank of Russia" allows its customers to block the card in several ways.
How to block the card of Sberbank
You will need
  • card of "Sberbank";
  • - identification code;
  • - passport;
  • - request for reinstatement of lost credit cards.
Dial toll free number 8-800-555-555-0 that you can contact the operator "Sberbank of Russia". Report that your card has been lost and you would like to block access to it. Be prepared for the fact that you will be asked to verify your identity over the phone. To facilitate this procedure, you can register in the Bank code voice calling which is easy for you through the operator to manage their credit card.
Visit the nearest branch of "Sberbank"to resolve the issue with the map. Bring ID and passport. You should contact your Bank and explain that you want to block the card. Fill out the application for recovery of lost credit and gaining access to the funds in your account. The lock procedure will be performed in the shortest possible time and will inform you when you can get a new card.
Use service Mobile Bank to block the card. Preferably this service to connect immediately after receiving the credit card. It allows you to manage your funds and access them through a phone or computer. To activate Mobile banking through ATM self-service or by calling customer support customer. To lock, just go to "my account" and choose the appropriate option.
Lock card "Sberbank" by sending TEXT messages. Remember that this method is available only to those with the connected service "Mobile Bank". Type the text message "BLOKIROVKA y xxxxx" where "xxxxx" mean the last five digits of your lost card, and "u" code which explains the reason for blocking. If you lost it, then put "0" if left in the ATM, "2", and if it is you stole, then "1". Send a TEXT message to the number 900. You will receive a confirmation code that must be send back within 5 minutes.
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