Advice 1: How to pay by card "Momentum" of Sberbank

Bank card "Momentum" of the savings Bank are ongoing. These cards are given instantaneously after signing with the client service contract Bank card.
map "Momentum" of Sberbank
There are two varieties of cards "Momentum" from Sberbank. Each variety has its own opportunities and terms of service, they are United only by the fact that such cards are issued immediately, at the request of the customer to the Bank, and on the front of the card pemberani name and surname of the card holder.

Card instant issuance "Momentum" Maestro and Visa Electron from Sberbank

Sberbank Visa Electron and Maestro "Momentum" applies very widely, this card is entry level, allows you to perform cashless payments in Russia and withdraw money from ATMs of Sberbank.

Cards Momentum, Visa Electron and Maestro in a sense replaced the passbook on demand deposits. The customer card is issued immediately after the opening of the account, including it can be social card for the transfer of child benefits and pensions.

When you connect the SMS-informing for a small fee of 20-30 rubles per month you can be aware of all receipts and withdrawals from the card account and control your finances. Visa Electron, Maestro "Momentum" of the savings Bank you can pay in stores with installed terminals of Sberbank, to pay for utility bills at the ATM, in the personal online office or using mobile banking.

To pay for services online such a map is impossible, since on the reverse side of this card there are three numbers that are used in the payment cards on the Internet. But if you connect to personal online office of the savings Bank you can pay within online office for the services that are presented by Sberbank.

Cardholders can transfer funds to accounts of friends and acquaintances. If account or card recipient opened in the savings Bank the Commission fee for the transfer is charged. Sberbank offers the opportunity to recharge the electronic wallet in the Yandex.The money, which in turn allows you to pay for almost any purchases online.

Visa and MasterCard Momentum

Visa and MasterCard Momentum with a credit limit of up to 150 thousand rubles will be issued only to those customers who have received a personal offer from Sberbank. If you use this card, using the Bank's money, it is recommended that all calculations be made only by wire transfer.

When you withdrawal money from an ATM or to the cashier of the savings Bank canceled the preferential interest-free period on the card, it is up to 50 days. In this case, removed the Commission for the issuance of cash in the amount of 3% from the sum no less than 199 roubles. Commission for cash withdrawal at ATMs of other banks is 4% from the sum no less than 199 roubles.

The card is accepted to service in all ATMs and POS terminals installed in retail network, where there is an icon Visa and MasterCard.
Card you can pay online. The card has all the additional features provided by savings and electronic payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard.

On this map is prohibited transfers of credit funds from the account to another account holder and to any other users card of Sberbank, it is forbidden in order that it was impossible to withdraw money from the account at an ATM, keeping in this way the grace period.

After the grace period if the card account is not paid, for the remainder of the card debt accrued interest at the rate of 18.9% per annum. If you can not repay the loan in full, you can just repay the minimum payment amount monthly.

The amount of the payment the Bank informs the SMS for 20 days to maturity. View the minimum payment in your online account. After repayment payment interest for the month from the account written off, but the rest of the amount included in the loan repayment can be available upon request.

If the credit debt account no, the card acts like a normal Visa or MasterCard. Card to take abroad, but please note if a map electronic chip, in the absence of possible denial of service cards outside of Russia. After the expiration of the Sberbank card releases the card for replacement embossed credit card Visa or MasterCard.

Advice 2: How to block the card of Sberbank

If you have stolen a credit card, or you lost it, then it is mandatory to perform the procedure lock, which prevents other people to access cash. "Sberbank of Russia" allows its customers to block the card in several ways.
How to block the card of Sberbank
You will need
  • card of "Sberbank";
  • - identification code;
  • - passport;
  • - request for reinstatement of lost credit cards.
Dial toll free number 8-800-555-555-0 that you can contact the operator "Sberbank of Russia". Report that your card has been lost and you would like to block access to it. Be prepared for the fact that you will be asked to verify your identity over the phone. To facilitate this procedure, you can register in the Bank code voice calling which is easy for you through the operator to manage their credit card.
Visit the nearest branch of "Sberbank"to resolve the issue with the map. Bring ID and passport. You should contact your Bank and explain that you want to block the card. Fill out the application for recovery of lost credit and gaining access to the funds in your account. The lock procedure will be performed in the shortest possible time and will inform you when you can get a new card.
Use service Mobile Bank to block the card. Preferably this service to connect immediately after receiving the credit card. It allows you to manage your funds and access them through a phone or computer. To activate Mobile banking through ATM self-service or by calling customer support customer. To lock, just go to "my account" and choose the appropriate option.
Lock card "Sberbank" by sending TEXT messages. Remember that this method is available only to those with the connected service "Mobile Bank". Type the text message "BLOKIROVKA y xxxxx" where "xxxxx" mean the last five digits of your lost card, and "u" code which explains the reason for blocking. If you lost it, then put "0" if left in the ATM, "2", and if it is you stole, then "1". Send a TEXT message to the number 900. You will receive a confirmation code that must be send back within 5 minutes.
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