Wedding rings in Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians firmly linked the ring finger of the left hand with the heart. And this is no coincidence. It is known that in those days it was customary to do an autopsy after death. As it turned out, the ring finger of the left hand was held a thin nerve to the heart. Wedding rings worn on the finger that is directly connected with the heart.

Wedding rings in Russia

In Russia it has long been customary to wear wedding rings on the ring finger of the right hand. Traditionally, over the right shoulder of a man is his angel, and putting on the ring on his right hand, the couple, thereby enlist the support of higher powers, help them in the upcoming family life.

A parable explaining the tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger

This parable clearly shows why wedding ring to wear it on the ring finger.

The thumbs represent the parents, the index finger – siblings middle finger – is the man himself, ring – spouse, and the little fingers of children.

You need to fold their hands so that the middle fingers are bent and touch each other externally. The remaining four pairs of fingers must touch pads. Now we need to simultaneously try to tear apart on two fingers.

To tear apart your thumbs easily. It happened because parents often go to the other world before their children. This gap symbolizes that sooner or later parents will leave their children forever. Sad, but inevitable.

Index fingers, too easy to tear apart. Even the most loving brothers, sisters can't be together all the time. Over time, they have their own family and born children.

Little fingers, symbolizing the children, too easy to tear apart. Children grow up and begin to live their own lives. It is also inevitable.

Only here ring fingers cannot separate from each other, no matter how you try. Only the husband and wife will have all their earthly life to touch each other, because true love lasts forever.

Centuries pass, but wedding rings always remain irreplaceable wedding attribute. They have powerful energy and can become a reliable talismans, protecting them from harm.