How to know the size that the girl did not know about the gift?

When choosing a ring you need to consider two factors: width and thickness of a finger. You must decide what ring to choose - wide massive ring or the ring is delicate work with fragile base.

The first thing you should think is about close relatives and friends, whom you can ask this information. Although the likelihood is low that they know the finger size girls, because this one never thinks. You can also see the size if unnoticed to take an existing ring that the girl wears, and on a pure paper to transfer it to the internal circuit. With this template you can choose the suitable jewelry. If such a procedure seems long to you, you can make a mold of the ring using soap or candles.

To determine the size and as follows: take the ring and wrap it with thread, the ends can be directly cut off. Further, the cut must be applied to the line, knowing the length of the thread in millimeters, you can determine the size of the ring. For example, a length in the range of 47-50 mm would mean that the size of the ring is 15.5, if the 52-53 mm and 16.5, if the 53-55 – 17, respectively, the greater the length, the greater the size.

You can find out the size by trying the ring on his own finger. Note the level to which the product comes. Thus, its hand to be the sample. While walking with a girl you accidentally go to the jewelry store, where to ask her briefly to try on rings, and after that rely on your own memory. With this method, you can also see which products like a sweetheart.

If you have already picked up the ring, but it did not fit well, do not despair because there is always the possibility to exchange the product for another, or you can ask jewelers to narrow or expand the ring in the right size.

Some nuances that are worth paying attention to

In the heat of the hand can nauhatl, so measure your finger with this weather better not, because then the ring would be great. Also it is not advisable to do this procedure immediately after sleep, as in the morning, the fingers also swell.

If possible, it is better to ask friends of their girls to let them know this information. They, in turn, can force to look the girl in the jewelry store under some pretext. Also, friends can jokingly try on rings to each other, and then figure out what size to choose.

Oddly enough, but there are rings that have a slit in back. Often young people choose this option, but later pass the decoration back to master patpal it to a specific size. Ways to learn the size of the finger of the girl quite a lot, but worth it a little to help the man, prompting the correct ring size.