Don't wear a lot of rings at the same time, a large number of assorted jewelry looks tacky. When buying a ring, consider two things - the structure of the hand and its age.
If you have a large brush, choose a ring with a round stone or an unusual product with ancient coin. Hands with knotty joints will visually reduce wide rings with inlays of large precious stones. For the full short finger fit rings with stones of round or oval shape, or a ring with an asymmetrical, angular design. If you have a narrow brush with long, slender toes, you're in luck. Safely pick ornaments in all shapes and sizes, they only enhance the beauty of your hands.
Young girls should wear delicate rings with small stones. Older women will suit more massive jewelry with large stones. Remember that jewelry with precious or semi-precious stones must be combined with the eye shade and emphasize the overall image.
With regard to the question on what finger to wear the ring, there are rules. The ring finger has long indicates the marital status of the person. Orthodox Christians wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of the right hand, and the Catholics put it on the same finger of the left hand. The middle finger is often worn large family ring, passed from generation to generation. The ring worn on the index finger, is a sign of solid character, strong-willed tough decisions and arrogance of the owner of the jewelry. Little fingers decorate much less frequently. Delicate braided rings will perfectly fit the finger. Ring on the thumb is able to reveal a person with tremendous energy, creative and impulsive.
Small strict ring fit for work and everyday wear. Original and flashy jewelry designed for parties and festive receptions. Don't forget that putting on the ring, you attract attention to your hands. Smooth leather and neat manicure beauty hand. Men too are not averse to decorate their fingers, they usually wear the engagement ring and the massive rings with the stone.