Well, what girl doesn't love to listen in bed compliments. But for a long time the girls will not surprise the nice words. So it is better to be creative, for example, learn a few compliments in another language. That sexiest languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish. Just imagine: during petting, you suddenly begin to whisper in your ear favorite compliments in French. The partner will be amazed!

Hair removal

Women are already used to having boys in the intimate area a lot of hair. Enough to shave there hairs to hit the girl. By the way, the salons intimate hair removal can offer a lot of interesting hairstyles. You consider yourself to be daring experimenters? Then allow yourself the unique patterns. Or even decide to cut the name of his girlfriend, will she be surprised! As for prudes, it is possible to cut or complete hair removal of the intimate area.

Sexy costumes

Who said that only girls should seduce the men, dressed in costumes for role-playing games? This bold step will impress any girl. Visit the dedicated erotic shop or make your own costume. Experiment. Become a COP and take your under arrest or fine her for the offense. Do not stop at one costume, because so much to choose from: suit teachers, fireman, Bunny, student. Surprise and raduyte your girlfriend in bed!