How to do erotic massage the clitoris

First prepare the place where it will be erotic massage. The room should be cozy and warm since the girl needs to relax.

You should start with the erotic massage of the whole body: start with the head, reach the feet. Massage the girl's body for 10 minutes, then she needs to roll over on his back.

At the beginning of the session should not be massaged genitals and Breasts! After massage of the whole body gradually go to massage the chest, and then down to the lower abdomen. Sharply in an intimate area is not Stargates!

If natural lubrication is not enough, use an intimate lubricant. Massage can be done several fingers (depending on the size of the clitoris). Usually missing two fingers. Gently squeeze the clitoris between two fingers. Squeeze it between your fingers, massaging in a circular motion.

If the clitoris is small and compress it does not work, then just attach the fingers, massage in small circular motions. Gently blow on it. Many women prefer a light touch that is barely felt, try to gently tickle the clitoris, watch the reaction of his partner!

When you notice that the girl strongly excited, can massage movements to add strength. But remember, the clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of the female body! Accelerated motion will bring orgasm. Do not stop until will bring the matter to the end.

But immediately after an orgasm do not stop, continue a couple of seconds to gently stimulate the clitoris. Maybe your partner will get excited again and then you move let not the fingers...