To visually enlarge the nose is much easier than to reduce it. Possession of visual increase in the most noticeable part of the face will be useful not only girls with inexpressive features, but those whose face compared to the nose wide or round, and of massive form I would like to divert attention.

All you need is powder Foundation or concealer two shades: light and darker in tone. Which tool to choose depends on your preferences, skin type and skill with the feather, because the correct and careful shading - the key to the success of any corrective makeup. The nose area are prone to excessive secretion of fat, so for my skin it is better to use powder, normal to dry - creamy correctors texture, medium density.
Before attempting any corrective make-up, apply to face tonal Foundation - tools to better shade and need boundaries will remain in place for a long time.

If your nose is short and snub

If you want a little to lengthen the nose, then apply a light shade on the back of the nose, all the space from the bridge of the nose and to the tip, dragging a sort of line. It's better to do a light correction with a special applicator, and in that case, if you are using powder, take a thin brush or a brush with a special blunt tip, ideal for adjusting nose and drawing contours.

The space from about the middle of the side of nose and under eyes, apply a slightly darker shade, rastushevok it toward the cheeks and temples. Carefully leveled the boundary between the two shades on the nose with a sponge or brush.
A great way to distract attention from the nose and pull it to the eyes - make it a little brighter and more expressive eye makeup. Especially because it looks great on the owner of the miniature noses.

If your nose is too small for your face

If your nose looks too tiny in comparison with other facial features, then apply to the entire space, including the back and wings of the nose, a light shade and the rest of the face a little darker. Blend the border and secure the loose powder of the desired colour.

Use it loose, not compact. Unlike loose powder from a compact that the particles are not superimposed on each other, and the shade is transparent, hence you can not hide the drawn contours, and give the completed makeup natural appearance, uniformity and dullness.