Open the image using Photoshop and duplicate it. This can be done using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J or command Layer via copy (the"Copy layer") in the New group, menu Layer ("Layer"). All correction is best done on a separate layer so as not to damage the previous image.
In menu Filter ("Filter") select Liquify ("Plastic"). This filter has its own quite powerful tools and features in their settings.
To increase the portion of an image that you will process, use the "magnifying glass" (Zoom) on the toolbar. To reduce the details use this tool, hold down Alt on the keyboard.
Often you want to move the image around on the screen to select a separate area for processing. Mark on the toolbar Hand ("Hand") and move the picture by holding the left mouse button.
Before you can change the shape of the nose, protect the face around it from possible deformation. Note instrument Freeze ("Freeze") and configure its parameters in the right part of the screen.
Brush Size determines the size of the brush, Brush Pressure – the degree of influence on the image Density Brush – uniformity effects at the edges of the brush. To protect features of the deformation, the values of the last two options put 100. Draw the nose contour. To remove the mask tool Thaw Mask Tool ("Unfreeze").
To reduce the size of the nose, select the Pucker Tool ("Shrinkage"). Change the brush size so it overlaps the processed fragment, and the values raftness and rigidity will decrease to 20 below, the impact of the tool was soft. To increase the detail by using the Bloat tool ("Swelling").
Select the Forward Warp Tool ("Warp") to change the shape of the nose. Every tool use no more than two times to make the correction look natural. To cancel the failed action, click Reconstruct. To undo all changes, use the Restore all.
Click OK when you're satisfied with the result. If despite all taken measures, areas of skin near nose hurt, apply for recovery of tool Healing Brush Tool (the Healing brush).
Hover the cursor over the plot next to those who want to fix and click the left mouse button while pressing Alt and the tool will take a reference sample of skin. Then simply click the mouse on problem areas – distorted picture will be replaced with the reference.