Start with your hairstyle. Long hanging and elongated-smooth hair makes it painfully bad and pretty much emphasizes its narrowness. So feel free to give the hair volume! Lush curls and styling - that will be your face and make it visually a little more full and wide.
Make the bangs - better if straight and thick enough that you will style with a round large brush to give it lift and volume. It will also make the face less elongated. Look good and lush, graduated, bangs, and asymmetrical. It is important not to make them too short.
If you have long bangs, then you should put it on one side and do a bit of volume. In any case, don't separate it in the middle of the forehead: it will give elongated face sharpening and sad tragedy.
The perfect length hair for girls with thin spindly and lost persons is about from ear to the middle area of the neck. Lush Bob with bangs to one side - your hair looks lovely, balancing small and narrow face.
With makeup you can also make a person a little better: take a light tone or powder and apply to areas of the forehead and between the eyebrows - this will make the face a little wider due to visually enlarge the space between the eyes.
Be sure to apply a bit of reflective powder to the area around the nose, under the chin and highlight the location just below the cheekbones, this will help to make the face a little shorter and fuller.