So, in order to visually reduce the nose, you will need several shades of the Foundation in your skin tone at 0.5 – 1 tone darker and 0.5 – 1 shade lighter. Medium should be dense enough, but to look natural.
Before putting on makeup, determine what exactly is the downside of your nose. If you are the owner of a wide nose, apply a lighter shade on the bridge of his nose and the back of the nose. The wings of the nose to apply powder dark.
If the nose is long, dark concealer applied to the tip of the nose and light on the nose.If the nose is just great, it should be covered with powder for a darker tone that you used on other parts of the face.When making this type of makeup is very important to create smooth transitions of tones. To do this, you should use sponge for applying tonal framework. Dampened sponge, remove the excess funds and then lightly powder my face.
In addition, to shift the focus from a large nose, use these little tricks:When applying blush to the cheekbones, is a bit maznut also the tip of the nose. Pink blush for this purpose are not suitable, but bronze or orange shades – completely. The right eyebrow shape will help avoid undue attention on the nose. Too thin "thread" eyebrows, nor too thick, is contraindicated for women with large nose. Also undesirable direct light or eyebrows. To give preference to better curved or semicircular neat eyebrows.To visually make the size of the nose is more harmonious, you can try to "enlarge" the rest of the facial features. For example, using light and dark shadows, you can increase the eye, and, having put on the lips a clear gloss to make them more plump. The nose in this case will be proportionate to the face.Not only makeup can help to visually reduce the nose. Should not also forget about the hair. So, heavy bangs focuses on the nose, but its absence or rare, asymmetric, and short bangs on the contrary, will help the big nose to be a little smaller visually.