Of course, this makeup not only requires knowledge of certain principles, in order to adjust with it, the shape of the face, but also some practical skills and dexterity. One thing is clear: if the method of trial and error, and after some time, stubbornly held in front of a mirror, you will see that we were able to change the shape of your nose, my own technique of disguise you will never forget!
First you need to acquire corrective remedies that must be different shades - it is through the play of light and color and "molded" form of the nose. It is better if you purchase the basics or liquid concealers that are one shade darker and one shade lighter than your natural skin color.
Before you start applying makeup, wash your face with a soft tool, then wipe with toner and be sure to apply sunscreen appearing greasy oil Shine clearly will negate all your efforts and spoil the most quality make up and a successful disguise.
Remember not to focus only on the nose, the whole face should have a natural and smooth tone, and finished appearance. Therefore, carefully apply Foundation, then concealer, to dispense which, of course, better skin - so you achieve the most natural and fresh appearance. But do not hurry with the application of loose powder - it will be the final stage of makeup.
How to make nose smaller and neater? Grab a small brush or sponge, dark concealer or Foundation, and then draw a barely visible line on both sides of the back of the nose - that is, draw a kind of rails. Thoroughly blend these lines and let's burn line with Foundation on the entire face.
On the wings of the nose and the tip should be applied slightly lighter shade, and also why smudge lines and boundaries with the other side of the sponge. Walk around the face with a soft brush with a loose powder on your natural shade - makeup complete!
If your nose is not too fine and you seem wider than you need, then proceed as follows: on the wings of the nose , apply a slightly darker base to make the sides of the nose smaller, but the middle of the nose and the tip highlight with a lighter shade.