If the person is determined enough and its not how much afraid of a possiblenoseto be seen on his face is neat , the noseof the IR purple potato, then he can safely proceed to the perforation of the noseand at home. The easiest way to make the puncture the nostrils. For this procedure, it is best to choose a cooler time of the year, when dust will be much less, and increased sweating will not stop the healing process. First of all, you need to buy all the necessary material. Stock up on sterile surgical gloves and sterile cotton wool. For the upcoming process of perforation, you can use the needle from a conventional dropper.It is quite sharp and comes with a plastic straw. You need to match the diameter under the thickness of the pier. In addition you will need about 100 ml of alcohol. It is better to do without anesthesia. For this purpose usually used means, which are used in dentistry: in vials - lidocaine 5% or aerosol - lidocaine 10%. But to themselves to take a shot in the face is very dangerous and problematic, in addition, such drugs may receive Allergy and subsequently swelling. So it's still a moment to wait. You should think about the future care of the piercing, you need to stock solutions of either chlorhexidine miramistina. This is the best of antiseptics to care for the piercing. Also suitable boric or salicylic alcohol, tincture of calendula.
Now you can move on to the process. Selected pier must be placed in a small container with alcohol. To prepare and disinfect the needle. Wearing gloves, insert the swab into the nostril that is going to pierce, well, with pressure, to treat it with rubbing alcohol, remove the nostril, strong and sharp movement pierced her . It should be a needle to pull out, and the tube is left in the hole . Then insert the straw into one end of the pier and pull it, while pierce has to be absorbed and to take the place. Outside you must treat the puncture with alcohol.
Very important some time not to touch and to move the puncture. Until the canal and the wound is not healed, the decoration should not be changed. The puncture to treat twice a day with special disinfectant solution (Miramistin).