You will need
  • Forms of the relevant documents, company documents, company seal, documents, employee, Labor code, handle.
If the founders of the firm some, the constituent Assembly decides on the dismissal of certain employees in the form of minutes. The right of signature of a document is the Chairman of the Board of founders and Secretary of the constituent Assembly. The content of the Protocol prescribes the title you decided to reduce, surname, name, patronymic of a particular specialist subject to dismissal.
When the founder of the company only, it makes its own decision about the dismissal of the employee due to staff reduction. Signs the document, the Director of the organization, sealed by the company.
The first person the company issues an order based on individual decision or Protocol of the constituent Assembly, assigns it a number and date. The order is signed by the head of the company, it puts the company's stamp, and puts the responsibility on the personnel worker to share administrative documents the employee should be fired in connection with staff reduction.
The notice of dismissal is a personnel officer in two copies, in the header of the document enter the surname, name, patronymic of the employee, his position in accordance with the staffing. Notification is assigned a number and date.
The basis of the notice is the Protocol of the constituent Assembly or the sole decision of the founder, put its number and date. Enter the reason for an upcoming layoffs (reduction in the number of employees, reduction of staff, organization). Referring to article 180 of the labour code of the Russian Federation, enter the date of the termination of the employment contract with the specialist. Notify the employee of the dismissal must be two months prior to the effective date of termination.
The Director of the organization, individual entrepreneur puts a personal signature indicating your surname, name, patronymic, company seal.
After reviewing the notice, the employee signs the document in the appropriate field, enter your surname, initials.