Notice of termination of the contract make into arbitrary shape, since there is no standardized format for such a document. Determined only the order of refusal to fulfill the terms of the contract unilaterally, article 782 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. Therefore, pay special attention to the content of your message. Before you start typing on the computer, make sure that you have prepared the wording is legally correct. In this case we are talking about the phrase "termination of the contract unilaterally". It would be correct to define it as "unilateral refusal of execution of the contract". It is this definition suitable for the termination of the agreement without trial.
To begin, write in the upper Central part of the leaf name of the document "Notice". Next, place the explanation of the essence of the message "on the unilateral refusal of execution of the contract". The introductory part start with specifying the initial details of the parties-participants of the contract. For your organization, write INN, CAT, name, legal and actual address, contact numbers, Bank details. Then inform details of the counterparty, the recipient of your notice. Write "Director", the name of the company, his surname, name and patronymic.
In the content of the notice must indicate the contract is subject to termination (its number, the name of the companies parties to the transaction, the date and place of signing). In this case refer to the clause which describes the procedure for termination. This information should serve as confirmation of your right to early termination of the contract. Further, referring to the specific conditions of the contract (with the Ghost points), describe the violation of the terms of the deal made by your partner. Now let your proposed termination of the agreement and will notify the date of termination of the contract.
In conclusion, I will list the requirements that you put forward counterparty will notify the date of their execution. Save room for the signature of the head of your company, specify its position, decode the signature in parentheses. Assure notification to printing your organization.