You will need
  • Documents employee documents, forms relevant documents, handle, employment law.
To dismiss employees in connection with staff reduction, the employer will need to make an order, in the header of the document enter the full and abbreviated name of the company in accordance with the constituent documents or a surname, name, patronymic of a physical person, if the legal form of organization – sole proprietorship. In the administrative part must contain surname, name, patronymic of the employee who is subject to dismissal, in accordance with the document proving the identity and job title in accordance with the staffing. On the personnel officers are responsible for reviewing a document worker. The document must be signed by the company Director and stamped by the firm.
See order of dismissal on reduction. Put your personal signature, your surname, initials, enter the date of review.
In accordance with the labour legislation the employer is obliged to write a notice of dismissal to the employee. In the header of this document must include your surname, name, patronymic, the name of your job title, the structural unit in which you are registered. In the notice, the employer refers to article 180 of the Labor code that specifies the order of redundancy.
See notice of dismissal, is made in two copies. Put your personal signature and date. Enter last name, initials.
After reviewing the order and notice, continue his career until the expiration of two months. Applications for dismissal you do not have to write. Dismissal-reduction is the initiative of the employer. In the case of writing your statements this dismissal will be at your initiative, and you lose the right to severance pay.
Get your hands on the work book, reading under a list with an entry of dismissal, transfer case and get the money. Stand on the account in the employment center in which you will receive within three months of the average monthly salary, if you do not find a decent job.