In the upper left corner of a blank sheet, write the position of the head of the organization from which you are about to leave, his surname, initials. Below list, compiled from who statement: your position, name, patronymic name, personnel number (if any).
At the centre of the line in capital letters write the name of the document "Statement".
In the text of the statement write: "I Ask to dismiss me at own will...". If deemed appropriate, add the phrase "in connection with..." and list reasons why you want to terminate the employment relationship with that employer. Write briefly and clearly, why you decided to leave the workplace. Keep in mind that life can always be useful positive recommendations from previous jobs. Therefore, construct phrases, so after reading the manual left a bad aftertaste, even if you are at loggerheads or are dissatisfied with the pay for your work. Specify a neutral, soft reasons for leaving. If you have trouble writing that part of the statement, simply put it: the law specify reasons for dismissal at own will is not necessary.
Specify the date of termination. According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, you are obliged to warn the employer about the desire to terminate the employment relationship not later than two weeks before the date of dismissal. These 14 days required of the organization in which you work to find a new employee in your place. Last working day will be the date you specify in your statement. If you write: "I Ask to dismiss me at own will on 25 August 2012", at the end of the day 25 August, the labor contract will expire and you will have a labor book. However, by agreement of the parties, you can be dismissed before the two-week period: for example, on the day of writing the application.
At the end of the statement put his signature and the date of filing of the document.