You will need
  • - a statement of the employee's resignation at own will;
  • - the order for his dismissal at own will;
  • - employment history of the employee;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - print your organization's or individual entrepreneur.
Ask the resigning employee to write a statement of resignation. This document is drawn up to the head of the organization. By law, the employee must notify the employer about your dismissal for fourteen days, but may indicate a later date of termination of employment. The statement needs to impose the visa the head of the organization, and in some cases - heads of intermediate links, starting with the immediate boss of the employee is terminated.
Prepare the order for dismissal of an employee on the basis of his statement. This document should have a number and date to be signed by the head of the organization or equivalent entity (e.g., the Deputy Director, if the first person is on vacation, business trip or sick leave). In the order specify the date on which the dismissed employee.
Ask the employee to sign an order that he is familiar with this document. You may provide a place for this at the bottom of the sheet with the order - following the signature of head and seal: the word "Acquainted," a place for signatures of the employee and its decoding and date. But you can not do this: in practice, one only signature of the employee.
Produce employment records of the employee's record of dismissal. Assign it a sequence number (the most recent entry plus one) and specify the date of termination designated in the order.
Please complete intended for information about work. The optimal formulation for this: "the Labor contract is terminated by the employee in accordance with part 3 of article 77 of the labour code".
In the rightmost column, specify the name of the administrative document of dismissal (order can be abbreviated) and the date of signing.
Sign the account signature of the official (plant Manager, personnel Manager or other employee with the appropriate permissions) with the name of the post and the signature and seal. All of this is entered in the box for information about working directly under the entry of dismissal.
Ask the employee to sign the record of dismissal in his workbook that he was familiar with the order. He has to do it also in the section for information about working under company seal and signature of the representative. The phrase "familiar" and the signature is desirable but not mandatory. In this design the dismissal of an employee is terminated.