Glucose young children appoint a doctor, to make it not worth it. But when you have a specific prescription from the pediatrician does not always work to do – often kids simply refuse to drink water or sugar solution. For starters dilute glucose water in a 50/50 ratio. It often happens that a kid doesn't want to drink too sweet tincture, but water with a pleasant taste with pleasure starts to suck. Even if the doctor prescribed you the solution of a certain concentration, will not harm if you will dissolve the glucose a little more to the state in which it is pleasant to the kid.
Let's glucose in between feedings, but not before meals or immediately after. The fact is that if infants drink liquid immediately before lunch, his appetite will fall sharply in the stomach there is very little space. If you give a sugar solution immediately after eating, not necessarily that the baby they will be interested. And even if you drink, chances are that you will vomit. Let's glucose in small SIPS after a while after eating, the baby managed to drink without harm to appetite and mood.
It so happens that sweet liquid the child is drinking with great pleasure, but then spits up. To solve this problem is simple. Try to hold the baby upright "column" immediately after feeding. Or to walk with him in my arms as all that is needed is ingested. Every mom sooner or later develops its own individual way of feeding and learning to avoid severe regurgitation. Watch your child and make him comfortable and easy.