The real cure hypoglycemia - any sweets. A few spoonfuls of sweet jam or honey provide the body with carbohydrates after a few minutes. Always carry a few sweets, to be able to use them at any time.
Be sure to drink down the eaten sweets liquid – tea, juice, lemonade or just water. So carbohydrates are metabolized easier and faster will ease your condition.
Possible reasons for the lack of sugar in the blood are a strong mental or physical activity (sports training) in the absence of a full and regular supply. Often this condition can cause all kinds of diets that are conducted without supervision of a specialist for your condition. In any case, such manipulation with own organism cause sharp fluctuations of level of sugar in blood. Love yourself, eat regularly (5-6 meals a day), and then the Hypo will not bother you.
To avoid sharp fluctuations of level of sugar in blood, do not smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, especially on an empty stomach. Playing sports, stock up on carbohydrates that will help to restore power. Try to choose foods rich in fiber: fruits and vegetables, fatty fish, raw pumpkin seeds, which reduce insulin resistance. But wheat germ, cheese, and nuts contain essential trace mineral - chromium, which helps to regulate the level of sugar.
However, the threat is that hypoglycemia can be a symptom of incipient diabetes. If these symptoms bother you on a regular basis, you should visit your doctor and hand over analyses of blood sugar. If the diagnosis is confirmed, be sure to let me know about the my family, friends and loved ones, so they were able to assist you in case of emergency.