Advice 1: How to raise blood sugar

Hypoglycaemia or lack of sugar in the blood a dangerous lack of food (glucose) to brain cells. In this state, a person can lose consciousness or even lapse into a hypoglycemic coma. If you experience sudden weakness, rapid pulse, dizziness and sudden hunger it is important to take urgent measures to increase the level of sugar in blood.
How to raise blood sugar
The real cure hypoglycemia - any sweets. A few spoonfuls of sweet jam or honey provide the body with carbohydrates after a few minutes. Always carry a few sweets, to be able to use them at any time.
Be sure to drink down the eaten sweets liquid – tea, juice, lemonade or just water. So carbohydrates are metabolized easier and faster will ease your condition.
Possible reasons for the lack of sugar in the blood are a strong mental or physical activity (sports training) in the absence of a full and regular supply. Often this condition can cause all kinds of diets that are conducted without supervision of a specialist for your condition. In any case, such manipulation with own organism cause sharp fluctuations of level of sugar in blood. Love yourself, eat regularly (5-6 meals a day), and then the Hypo will not bother you.
To avoid sharp fluctuations of level of sugar in blood, do not smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, especially on an empty stomach. Playing sports, stock up on carbohydrates that will help to restore power. Try to choose foods rich in fiber: fruits and vegetables, fatty fish, raw pumpkin seeds, which reduce insulin resistance. But wheat germ, cheese, and nuts contain essential trace mineral - chromium, which helps to regulate the level of sugar.
However, the threat is that hypoglycemia can be a symptom of incipient diabetes. If these symptoms bother you on a regular basis, you should visit your doctor and hand over analyses of blood sugar. If the diagnosis is confirmed, be sure to let me know about the my family, friends and loved ones, so they were able to assist you in case of emergency.

Advice 2 : How to lower blood sugar

People suffering from any type of diabetes, you need to know about the methods of lowering sugar in the blood, including emergency. To reduce the level of sugar in blood can with the help of medications or improvised certain foods and drinks.
How to lower blood sugar
You will need
  • - collection of herbs (nettle, clover, blueberry, Linden blossom, Bay leaf, dandelion, burdock);
  • - infusions of rose hips, blackcurrant leaves, hawthorn, chicory drink;
  • - a decoction of Bay leaf;
  • - garlic and onions;
  • - buckwheat;
  • - fruit and vegetable juices;
  • - white beans.
Reduce sugar levels with medicines. The medication is only possible after consulting a specialist as hypoglycemic medications have side effects and contraindications.
Take herbal infusions. Collection of herbs (nettle, clover, blueberry, Linden blossom, Bay leaf, dandelion, burdock) helps to gently and gradually lower the blood sugar, so they should be used instead of tea not less than 7-14 days. Diabetes useful extracts of rosehip, blackcurrant leaves, hawthorn, chicory drink. Great efficiency has a decoction of Bay leaf – the raw material should be crushed, pour 20 grams glass of boiling water and infuse for two hours. Apply this infusion should be three times a day half Cup.
Regulate blood sugar vegetable juices. Only one week of regular consumption of potato juice, beet, Jerusalem artichoke and cabbage to lower the sugar level to normal values. Take this mixture before meals, twice a day. Sauerkraut juice helps to normalize the level of sugar, and the juice of fresh beets can be drunk separately.
Normalize blood sugar with the help of garlic and onions. Of chopped onions or garlic you can prepare a fresh infusion or squeeze the juice to make such a tool should be in the morning and evening before meals. Onions can be baked in the oven and eat one onion every day in the morning.
Eat buckwheat. Buckwheat lowers blood sugar, strengthens blood vessels, reduces cholesterol. Cook the buckwheat in a special way: ground into flour, grits, pour the yogurt (tablespoon per Cup) and take every morning on an empty stomach.
Normalize blood sugar use white beans. Proven method gives excellent results – in the evening soak 3 pieces of white beans in the morning, eat it and follow with soaking water.
Exercise. Moderate exercise necessary to maintain weight and build strength and also to adjust the level of sugar in the body.
Use emergency methods. Insulin and abundant calorie-free drink will help to drastically reduce the level of sugar in the blood. Method is used when hyperglycemia.
Lilac lowers blood sugar. Leaves any lilac you can brew and drink as tea, without norms and without food diabetes. This tea lowers the blood sugar level. By the way, rye and sprouts useful in diabetes - they normalize metabolism and remove toxins from the body. If you have tested folk recipes how to lower blood sugar, write.
Useful advice
Said that doctors began to intimidate and to prescribe any medications. I advised a simple and affordable tool is able to restore the blood sugar in natural settings. I advise everyone not to give up. Even if the sugar you have 8-8,6 mmol per liter. Believe me, it's easy to downgrade to 4.5. To do this, you should clean the pancreas. In the morning suggest to boil a pint of milk. Take the lean out of the store.
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