The solution for injection must be sterile. Now ready solutions for injection are sold in pharmacies. The syringe should also be sterile. You can buy a disposable syringe at the pharmacy: it is inexpensive and safe in terms of sterility. Or you can sterilize the syringe at home. Important: do not reuse disposable syringes! After using disposable syringe should be discarded. The savings in this case is not only justified, but also very risky.
At a dilution of glucose follow your doctor's recommendations. The concentration of glucose in solution should be such that what is prescribed by a doctor. Fill the syringe with glucose and the solution in the right proportions. The syringe, of course, needs to be scaled.
Shake the syringe slightly and shake to obtain a homogeneous solution. A snap of a finger, remove from syringe small air bubbles. Will ensure that bubbles do not remain.
Treat the injection site with a cotton swab in some dry alcohol. Sticking the needle slowly and carefully enter the shot.
Glucose is prescribed not only for injection but also for the use through the digestive tract. Simply put, glucose to drink. Often doctors prescribe to give glucose infants as a complementary source of liquid and energy. In this case, to prepare the solution, add 3 teaspoons of glucose to 200 ml of boiling water. Give your child the solution in small portions between feedings.