Calculate how many parts of water for dilution of the essences to make 70% vinegar 9 percent. To do this, divide the original percentage of vinegar to the desired and rounding the resulting number, which will provide the required amount of water.
Divide 70 by 9, having rounded the number 8. This means that you need to dilute one part of 70% vinegar to eight parts water (1 part = 1 tablespoon) to make a 9 percent solution. The same way you can get three percent, six percent or vosmitonny vinegar, is also frequently used in cooking.
You can quickly make a 9% vinegar 70% with a conventional faceted glass, which is available in almost every kitchen. This capacity accommodates 17 parts of water. Just add 2 tablespoons of 70% vinegar, to get a glass of 9%.
Dilute the vinegar should be cold bottled or boiled water. First pour the required quantity of water in a clean container, then add acetic acid in accordance with the performed calculations and mix thoroughly. Store solution in a bottle with a cork or tight lid.
Vinegar has long been used not only in cooking but also for medicinal purposes, for example, it is often used for disinfecting wounds, and he currently often becomes the basis of compresses or means to cool off. For this vinegar diluted to 3 or 6 percent. Enough to wet a towel in the solution and start rubbing or applying the cloth to his forehead. This tool is good in relieving fever and headache.