A key method in the diagnosis of disorders of carbohydrate metabolism is a blood test for sugar. According to indications, this study is carried out on an empty stomach or 2 hours after a meal.
The norm is the content of fasting blood sugar in the range of 3.3-5.5 mm/l.
To eliminate the error for taking the blood must be properly prepared. The important point is the rejection of alcoholic drinks the day of the test and the day before.

How alcohol affects blood sugar

Alcohol quite strongly changes the level of blood sugar. In small quantities alcohol contributes to this indicator. Each gram of alcohol provides the body with 7 calories. Molecule of alcohol quickly is involved in the metabolism and easily converted into glucose by the action of liver enzymes.

On the other hand, alcoholic beverages can lead to a decrease in the concentration of sugar in the blood. This paradoxical reaction is associated with the effect of alcohol on the liver function. Only 10% of the time during the day, stable blood glucose concentrations is formed owing to the availability in the digestive tract carbohydrates. The rest of the time it is the liver creates new glucose from its own reserves of the body. Alcohol in large doses disrupts that process. A few hours after intake of alcoholic beverages blood sugar could drop sharply. Such an effect of alcohol on the liver may persist for 24-48 hours.

Why alcohol reduces the accuracy of the study blood sugar

Under the influence of alcohol changes the blood sugar levels, which drastically reduces the probability of correct diagnosis according to the results of the survey. In addition, alcoholic beverages reduces the accuracy of the study due to the impact on medical equipment and reagents. Metabolic products of alcohol enter into chemical reactions with laboratory chemicals, making accurate determination of blood sugar is impossible.
Considered the most accurate diagnostic systems based on enzymatic methods.
Error can be quite substantial.

When you have to give up alcohol

If the blood sugar is designated in a planned manner, it should be properly prepared. The day before giving blood you need to completely eliminate the use of alcohol. Even a few SIPS of soft drink can lead to less accurate research.

On the day of the sample drinking alcohol is also not recommended. Until you have a blood sugar, to drink alcohol impossible. In that case, if the analysis is performed several times a day, have a few drinks only after the last blood sampling.