Start cap letters in the right part of the document, the alignment set on the same edge. If the official form of your organization is the image or symbols at the top of the page, make sure that the text will not crawl on him. Next, select one of the following registration caps.
Specify the person who receives the letter. Be sure to write his position in the organization, the name and initials. For example:
Executive Director
OOO "Mossptsstroy"
Belsky A. N.
You can add before the name of the addressee polite form of "Mr." or "Ms.". In addition, suppose the rejection of the initials, in this case prescribed name.
Use introductory words to the cap letters were not like at the beginning of the application to the housing office or the Registrar, make it following way:
Where: "Mossptsstroy"
Who: Executive Director, Belsky A. N.
If you wish, you can change the name and initials on the following line if the label was too long. If you want to emphasize the date of writing a letter and reference number for some reason not assigned, you can enter the third line "date".
Place the cap letters as is commonly done in business correspondence abroad. Please indicate the name and surname of the addressee, then the name of the organization where he works, and then address. This is especially useful if the letter is sent by mail in an envelope with a transparent window. Hat looks as follows:
Anton Belsky
OOO "Mossptsstroy"
Moscow, Veshnyakovskaya 6-2-11.
Remember that if you are writing in a foreign organization or a company with joint capital, you need to first select the building, then street, city, postcode and country. In addition, before the name and surname, you can write "Mr." or "Mr.".
If your letter is for informational purposes only, not addressed to anyone in particular or you don't know the name of the person you want, write in the header the following:
Where: "Mossptsstroy"
Who: Everyone who will be affected.
In this case, better to introduce a third line.